Saturday, June 25, 2011

injaynesworld "Gay Marriage Is A Right..."

Late last night history was made when a Republican-led majority in the New York State Senate passed legislation giving gay couples the right to marry in the Empire State.

Source: Huffington Post

Meanwhile, President Obama, in his own words, repeated that his views on the subject are “still evolving.” Truly one of the most pathetic and weak statements I’ve ever heard uttered by someone who is supposed to be a leader.


The president’s position is that this is an issue for the states to decide for themselves. If that had been President Johnson’s view, blacks might still be riding at the back of the bus. Of course, this is not a state issue. It’s a Constitutional issue, a basic civil rights issue. All our citizens are guaranteed “liberty and justice for all,” not just the ones whose lifestyle we approve of. We pledge to uphold this commitment from the first day we enter school as children and place our hands over our hearts.

So, no, Mr. President. You are dead wrong on this one. The right to marry is not something only affected by state laws. Something as simple as the federal right of married couples to inherit their spouse’s social security – a right denied to gay couples – is just one example of why marriage equality needs to be the law of the land, not just those states that happen to be more “evolved” than others.

May I submit to you, sir, that this is what a leader looks like.

Source:  Huffington Post

Governor Andrew Cuomo campaigned on the promise to bring marriage equality to New York. He fought to make that promise a reality every single day since his election and last night he kept that promise.

Come 2016, this is the guy the Democrats should run for president.

Congratulations New York. Welcome to the 21st century.
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