Wednesday, August 7, 2013

injaynesworld we are "Four Years Old..."

Four years ago this week, I bumbled my way onto the blogging scene with absolutely no idea of what I was doing or why except that someone told me if I wrote something and published it on the Internet, people might read it.

“Is there any money in it?” I asked.

“BWAHAHAHA!!” they replied.

I took that as a “no.”

“Four years from now will I have written nearly 400 posts, published a book of essays that at least a dozen people were arm-twisted into buying, and made friends with some of the most amazing readers and writers I’ve ever known who continue to bless me with their friendship?” I pursued.

“You’ll be lucky if you last six months.”   

“Well, then.  Let’s do it!”  And injaynesworld was born.

You’d think after four years I would have tired of the same old look of the place, but I’m a Taurus and we don’t go in much for change.  Besides, if it got all gussied up, you might come to expect more from the actual content.  I suppose a new profile picture wouldn’t be too much to ask, but on a good day with ample makeup and perfect lighting I can still look like that, and we all know how hard it is to get a decent photo of ourselves.  Nope.  There will be no changes around here.

The rest of the world is changing too goddamn much and too goddamn fast as it is.   Just when you find something you like – BAM!  The “new and improved” version is out to part you from your money.  Be honest.  How many iPhones have you gone through?

On Union Street in San Francisco is a restaurant called “Perry’s.”  It’s been there with the same blue-and-white checked tablecloths, serving exactly the same-tasting Eggs Benedict, bread sticks and Ramos Fizz cocktails (with nutmeg sprinkled on top) since I first started going there in 1970.  I can’t begin to tell you how this comforts me in an age where there is so little you can still count on.  

And so it will be here injaynesworld “… serving up the same delights and diatribes since 2009.”

Thanks for coming by.  It wouldn’t have been any fun without you. 

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