Monday, September 14, 2009

injaynesworld "Kanye West Would Be Visited By Nuns"

Last night’s outburst by Kanye West at the VMA Awards is just the latest in a week that saw civility brought to a new low. Republican representative from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, kicked things off by screaming out “liar” at the President during the congressional address, followed closely by Serena Williams lobbing F-bombs at officials at an internationally broadcast tournament for a call she didn’t like. What the hell is going on here? Whatever happened to basic civility? I have to say, at least the audience at the VMA Awards showed more class than the members of Congress by booing West off the stage. Our esteemed representatives just sat there in silence like the do-nothing cowards they are. Every single one of them should have been outraged and on their feet booing at Wilson. They should have barred Wilson from the floor until he stood up on national television and apologized, not only to the President, but to you and me, as well, because the halls of Congress – those are our halls. That is our house. I know if a guest in my home screamed an insult at one of my other guests, I would damn well expect an apology or they would never be invited back and I damn well expect an apology from you, too, Joe Wilson.

And Serena… Whatchoo thinkin’, girl?! You have a responsibility to set a good example for the thousands of young girls who look up to you. You can’t just be going off like some damn ghetto bitch ‘cause you don’t agree with a call. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself. And no, your lame ass “apology” isn’t good enough. Hell, you didn’t even use the words “I’m sorry.” And as for that “I’m only human” crap. That ain’t flyin’. Because you know what? You’re not “only human.” Once you’ve allowed yourself to be elevated to superstar status and enjoyed all the fame, fortune and perks that go along with that you are also elevated to an entirely different standard of decorum than the rest of us lowly shlubs. So I want to see some real contrition out of you, girlfriend, before I’m ready to just forgive and forget.

We got our first glimpse of Kanye’s impulse-control disorder when, after Katrina, he informed a television audience that “George Bush doesn't care about black people.” And we’re all familiar with the times he’s rushed onto other award stages to piss and bemoan his own losses, but Kanye, your assault last night on 19-year-old Taylor Swift for having beaten out Beyoncé, your choice for female video, was beyond bad manners. It was just plain brutish and mean. You are an egomaniacal asshole who seems to think others give a big goddamn about your opinion. Newsflash: You’re not even a decent rapper anymore. And, again, no we do not accept your apology. Get some therapy for your anger issues first, then we’ll talk.

You know, the up side to sending kids to a Catholic school, as least in my day, was if your parents were lax in teaching you basic manners, the nuns would beat the shit out of you for behavior like this. This was back when such actions by teachers were allowed in schools and you know what? It was a good idea then and it’s a good idea now. Too good to be limited to school-age children. Wilson, Serena and Kanye West should be visited by nuns. And not the modern kind wearing street clothes either. The ones in full scary-ass, black-robed, nun regalia with only that cut-out showing their stern faces. My nuns didn’t carry rulers. They carried yardsticks and they would wail on you if they didn’t like the way your hair was parted. Oh, yeah… we learned civility.


Tawnia said...

I am all the way with ya on this one! Kanye is huge embarassment to Mtv, they should get rid of him. His antics are getting old and ruder every time he acts up! As for Serena and Wilson... well "With power comes great responsibility" GROW-UP my 2yr old has better manners!
Don't even get me started on Duvall either! That retard talking about spanking is whore on an open mic in congress! The world is going crazy Jayne! At least it is giving us some great material :)
Great story
Love Tawnia

Adam said...

I believe that you have brought on a very important topic: civility. One of the worst words you can be called of, in the Italian language is "uncivile" (uncivilized). I wish more countries considered it a serious offense...

Adam (

Linda Medrano said...

Jayne, you are on the money, Honey! What is going on with this total lack of respect for other people. These ego driven jerks need to get a grip. Go get counseling if you need it and come back acting like a human being. My DOGS are more polite than these people.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

unfortunately, all of the people you site are US born and bread. when i see these actions, i sometimes forget that the rest of the world sees this behavior and they think all of the US population are a bunch of goobers.

on my last day of school in 5th grade, i saw a nun flip out on a kid. she went after him, knocked his desk over (the combo with the attached chair) and then drug the kid and the desk unit across the room screaming that she had put up with him for the whole year.........

and then the kid went to the office..... then, he would have also been in trouble at home.

Contemplations of an Army Wife said...

It sure does kick my ass when people use race or creed as a reason something should or shouldn't happen. Human normalcy should be...well, normal, but it isn't. Breaks my heart when people are such awesome musicians, and such crappy people.

Aunt Becky said...

Maybe we should start spanking kids again. No, I'm serious. It's time that people start learning to RESPECT each other (I know, there's an argument there about respect and hitting, but if I threaten my kids with a spanking? You better BELIEVE they start listening).

Also, thank you. I subscribed to you the proper way.

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