Sunday, October 31, 2010

injaynesworld "An Evil Wind Cometh..."

For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that I do not do well in the wind.   Not only does it wreak havoc with my coif, but it messes with the circuits in my brain causing my otherwise sunny disposition to sour like a carton of milk left in a parked car in the middle of summer.  

Today it was windy.  

And somewhere a customer service representative for the cable company has gone home and killed his wife.   Because of me.   And the wind.  

I had done my part.   I was here between 12:00 and 2:00 when the repair man was scheduled to show up to figure out why my “high-speed” Internet service was now operating as if walking through a vat of peanut butter.   I had waited.   Patiently.  

When the customer service guy-- let’s call him Brad -- went to work this morning, he already knew his day was going to be shit and it had nothing to do with the wind.   It was because of those goddamn repair guys who didn’t show up at their scheduled appointments when they were supposed to.   And he was the one who had to hear about it.    But, hey – it was a job.   Not the one he’d planned on when he wracked up that $100,000 of student loan debt, but he’d learned to make the best of it. 

At 2:00 – sharp – when it was evident I’d been stood up, I placed the call:

Brad:   Comcast Cable, may I have your account num –

Me:  I had an appointment today to fix your crappy Internet and no one showed up!

Apparently, listening to a stream of profanities is not is their job description, or so he continued to tell me.   He seemed less than sympathetic by the fact that I had scheduled two hours out of my day to sit at home and do nothing.   What he wouldn’t give for two uninterrupted hours all to himself.    But no.  Somebody always wanted something from him.   He was in the goddamn service business 24/7 and now here was this raving bitch all up in his face because she didn’t know what to do with herself without Twitter. 

Brad:   I’ll schedule another appointment for you.  How’s tomorrow from –

Me:   Oh, great!  So I can sit around waiting for another fucking two hours?    Fine, asshole!   Just make sure he shows up this time!   

Slamming down the phone, I immediately knew I’d crossed a line.   Poor minimum wage S.O.B really didn’t deserve that.  I suck.  Will this damn wind never stop?!  I needed a glass of wine.  It had to be cocktail hour somewhere. 

Returning home that night, Brad was prepared to drown out the memory of her wretched hyena-like voice with a six-pack and catch the last couple of innings of the game.   A large, dried branch from the wind-whipped palm trees blocks his path to the stairs that lead to his one-bedroom apartment.   He roughly kicks it aside.

I began to breathe slowly, evenly.  Thank God for wine.  The smooth Cabernet instantly eases my tension.   I really have to lighten up.    In Indonesia they had a freakin’ tsunami this week.   Talk about your bad hair day.   I smile at my own wit.     

Remote in one hand, cold bottle of beer in the other, Brad sinks into the second-hand Lazy Boy smelling of cat piss he’d long learned to ignore and feels relaxed for the first time all day.   He presses “power.”   Nothing.  

“Can I get a little help in here?   I’ve been working all day, too, you know,” she calls from the kitchen.   This wasn’t the life she’d had planned either.

His shoulders tighten.  “I’m not hungry!”  A gate outside slams in the wind.   He presses the “power” button again – two, three, four times – harder, faster, harder, faster --  Oh, wait.  That’s another story.

“Fine!  I’ll just throw yours out then!,” she shoots back. 

The explosion of the beer bottle connecting with the old tube TV was the last thing Brad remembered. 

Hours later when later asked by news crews about the young couple who lived in the corner unit, neighbors said they were always very quiet and kept to themselves. 

From down the block a cable company repair truck slowly rounds the corner.  “Damn wind,” the driver grumbles.   He’d hoped to get home in time to see the game. 

Happy Halloween.   Your “Sunday Recap” will return next week.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

injaynesworld "Big Girls Don't Cry..."

I recently received an offer from Simon and Schuster to review Rebecca Traister’s new book “Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election That Changed Everything for American Women” about the 2008 election.   Being the political junkie that I am, it was impossible to resist.  Plus, I’m nothing if not a ho for freebies...                        

I'm sure you know me well enough by now to be certain that I would not tout anything I didn't have strong convictions about, so believe me when I say I was blown away by this book.  Head on over to injaynesworld reviews and giveaways page, read the review and let me know what you think.  If it piques your interest, leave a comment over there to be entered for a chance to win a copy for yourself.  You must be a follower of my blog to enter.  

See you there!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."


… for those who may have been wondering what all that “shouting” across the Internet was about on Friday.   

Founded in 2000 by computer geek Derek Arnold, it’s celebrated every October 22nd as a testament to those annoying individuals who insist on making asses of themselves with the improper and overuse of the caps lock key, then again on June 28th to commemorate the passing of pitchman and renowned screamer, Billy Mays.  It even has its own Twitter feed. 

I wonder what the proper gift would be.

### announced this week that President Obama is related to both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.  Talk about your awkward family gatherings.  

The geneology website determined that Obama is tenth cousins with both, but apparently no relation to Kevin Bacon.


One step forward for equality...

An appellate court in Florida this week struck down that state’s draconian law which prohibited the adoption of foster kids by gay couples, ruling that there was no rational basis for the ban that had stood in the way of uniting loving families for 33 years. 

To the credit of Governor Crist, the Department of Children and Families and Florida's Attorney General, the decision was made to not appeal the ruling.    Are you listening, President Obama?

In contrast, this week his administration asked Judge Virginia Phillips to stay her ruling declaring DADT unconstitutional and when she said effectively “bite me” they appealed to the Ninth Court of Appeals and were granted the stay while the Court decides whether or not to overturn Judge Phillips and put the matter back into the hands of what may very well be a Republican led Congress.  

Nice move, Mr. Prez.  And you wonder why you’re losing your base.  


You lie down with pigs, you get dirty…

This may have been the lesson learned by Juan Williams, a news analyst who until this week split his air time between NPR and Faux News, which is a little like simultaneously dating Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson. 

While appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show last Monday, Juan passed this little gem…

“When I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb, and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried.  I get nervous.” 

… which immediately got his ass fired from NPR and before you could say “Oh no he din’t,” accusations of Williams’ First Amendment rights being violated were bellowed from the rooftops primarily, but not entirely, by our friends on the right. 

In response, NPR said that Williams’ had been repeatedly warned about contentious statements made by him on Faux in the past and issued this statement:  “Juan has a First Amendment right to say anything he wants.   He does not have a First Amendment right to be paid by NPR for saying anything he wants.”

I personally don’t think his statement was that big of a deal, especially since it was made on Faux where you expect to hear stupid shit like this.   As for his firing – right, wrong, I don’t know, but I can understand where NPR might view Williams’ association with Faux as tainting his credibility as an analyst on their network.  

On the other hand, credibility of any kind has never been an issue at Faux so it was no surprise when they immediately offered Williams a $2 million dollar contract to join Beck, Palin, Hannity and the others aboard the crazy train.  

It will be interesting to see if Williams brings their standards up or loses all remaining standards of his own. 


Finally, with the election drawing near and the defeat of Christine O’Donnell looking more and more promising every day, let’s enjoy every moment of this wacky, wonderful gal while we still can…

And now it’s your turn.  Sound off…

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

injaynesworld it's "WTF Wednesday..."

Our first such installment and maybe our last.  With every day bringing a bevy of new WTFs these days, the shock factor is registering lower and lower,  reducing some of them to a mere “eh…”  So it truly takes a pants-wetting, liquid spitting, eye-ball-popping reaction to something for me to deem one worthy of its very own post. 

Yesterday I opened an e-mailed NY Times News Alert to find this:


Yes.  It totally deserves to be spelled out.   For those of you too young to recall being glued to your TV sets in 1991 for the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, here’s a short recap.  Anita Hill, who had worked for Thomas prior to his nomination to the highest court in the land, sat in front of an all-male congressional committee and with great dignity told a detailed story of  her repeated sexual harassment by Thomas, which included his conversations with her about finding pubic hairs on a can of Coke, naming his penis Long Dong Silver and the porn he watched that included scenes of women having sex with animals.  

Keep in mind that this guy was up for a place on the Supreme Court and, as such, would be hearing and rendering judgments in cases involving the of sexual harassment of women.

So imagine Ms. Hill’s shock when, after nearly 20 years, she received this message on her voice mail at her office at Brandeis University this week from Virginia Thomas:

“Good morning Anita Hill, it’s Ginny Thomas,” it said. “I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband.  So give it some thought. And certainly pray about this and hope that one day you will help us understand why you did what you did. Okay, have a good day.”

Seriously.  WHAT THE FUCK?!

What could possibly be the purpose of stirring up all that ugliness now?   Why would Thomas want that attention for herself or her husband who still sits on the Supreme Court because yes, the boys' club congressional committee gave him a pass and confirmed him despite the horrendous allegations that should have made such a confirmation dead as the proverbial door nail. 

I’m seldom at a loss for words, but this has me completely stymied.  It would be easy to just write Virginia Thomas off as the right-wing nut case that she is, but that can’t be all there is to it.   She has no book coming out to promote.  Was she offended to be passed over for a role on “The Housewives of D.C.?”   Is she itching for an invite to join next season’s “Dancing With The Stars?”   What could possibly motivate any woman to want to bring up such a humiliating moment in both her and her husband’s past?

Fortunately, I have very bright and articulate readers, so please chime in on this.   Enlighten me.   Because truly, all I have is… WTF?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

Note:  If you’re reading this with Firefox or IE the photos may not be visible.  I apologize.  I can no longer do the hours of battling to make it happen with Firefox and am instead posting all photos using the Google Chrome browser which, by the way, is an all-around better browser anyway. 

Kicking off this week with a good news story…

My hero of the week is eight-year-old Peighton Jones from Topeka, Kansas.  Every Saturday afternoon, with her red wagon in tow, Peighton walks her neighborhood collecting food for local food banks and shelters.  It all started when she was with her mom at a grocery store and saw a woman with a little girl in front of them who could not pay for all their groceries.  Last year, Peighton collected 450 cans of food.  This year it’s 750 and her goal for next year is over a thousand.

“It makes you feel very good because you know that you’re going to help somebody out,” Peighton explains. 

Be still my heart.  A future liberal is born…


While at the other end of the spectrum...

Hey – let’s give corporations that send American jobs overseas a tax break for doing so.   Show of hands…  What?   You don’t think that’s a good idea?   Then you might be surprised to know that as things now stand that’s exactly what’s going on. 

This week the president called for a repeal of that tax loophole and Democrats introduced a bill that does just that and also provides incentives to companies that keep jobs in the U.S.  Predictably, 100% of the Republicans once again stood with Wall Street to block this legislation.

Now why would the GOP dump on Americans like that?   Follow the money…

The Chamber of Commerce receives millions of dollars from big business interests which they then donate to the GOP for attack ads against the very same Democrats trying to save our jobs.  So when the COC says “jump," the GOP says “how high?”

Once again we find the Republicans the deserving recipients of our “Steaming Pile Of Shit” Award.


It takes a woman...

In this case, federal appeals court Judge Virginia A. Phillips, to have the balls to do what’s right.  

After hearing a case brought by the pro-gay Log Cabin Republicans (I know.  It sounds weird to me, too.), Phillips issued a worldwide injunction this week stopping the enforcement of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy banning gays from serving their country.

President Obama, who repeatedly pledged on the campaign trail to make the repeal of DADT a priority, has been dragging his feet on the issue since he took office.  So here was his perfect opportunity to hide behind a woman’s robe and just let the ruling stand, but instead his Department of Justice has decided to appeal it and is asking the judge to issue a stay until the appeal can be heard.

Her decision will come on Monday.  Here’s hoping Judge Phillips tells them exactly where they can stick their request.


Brett Favre is having a bad week...

First it was revealed that in 2008 the footballer sent a text photo of his penis to a gal he was trying to impress.  Because yeah – that’s what every woman yearns for from a man, a photo of his cock.   A chocolate replica maybe, but a photo?  Seriously, Brett, you’re one messed up dude.

Even God thinks you’re a douche as evidenced by the football that hit you squarely in the groin as you were minding your own business on the sidelines.  Oh, you thought that was an accident?  You think He didn’t also see that craptastic ball you threw that gave the Jets the game last Monday?

Poor, dumb bastard.  You must wonder how this all happened.   One day you’re at the top of your game, the world’s oyster, and the next you’re sitting on the ocean floor covered in BP oil.   Pride cometh before the fall, my friend. 

Maybe the Tea Party will welcome you.


And speaking of the Tea Party…

Christine O’Donnell, the gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of the Bill Maher Show.  In this fun episode she takes on Eddie Izzard on why she never, ever tells a lie.

This week even Meghan McCain admitted that O’Donnell scared her.

And now it’s your turn.  Sound off…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

injaynesworld we ask "How Many More Kids Have To Die...?"

In January of this year, The Student Non-Discrimination Act was introduced into the House of Representatives.  In May, a companion bill was introduced in the Senate.

The bill would require that no student in public schools be “excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance” based on the student’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  

While federal statutory and/or constitutional protections expressly address discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex and disability, they do not do so on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  As a result, students and parents have limited legal recourse when such discrimination occurs.   Even worse, however, is when kids see gay students being openly discriminated against by school officials, it sends the message that being gay somehow makes one less a person and therefore it’s okay to harass them. 

This omission in federal law must be corrected.

Adding sexual orientation or gender identity to laws prohibiting discrimination already on the books seems like a perfectly reasonable and clearly long overdue action.   You would think, in light of statistics showing that gay teens are four times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers, and especially in light of the rash of such suicides in just the past month, that this legislation would be a no-brainer. You would be wrong.

Backlash from the Christian “right” has been immediate and fierce.  So strong is their fear of homosexuality, that not even the deaths of innocent children can move or open their hearts.  There’s a simple and disturbing reason for this.   They do not consider these children to be innocent. 

Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council blames the victims themselves.  “The students are dead because they adopted an unhealthy lifestyle.  People aren’t gay, lesbian or transgender by God’s design.”  He fears that if The Student Non-Discrimination Act is passed, “Schools will develop and promote acceptance of homosexual behavior.” 

Don’t you just love it when people attempt to mask their own hatred, ignorance and intolerance by purporting to speak for God?  I can only imagine what He must think.  

Clearly, what’s being forgotten here is that these are children we’re talking about.   Regardless of one’s personal beliefs about sexual identity, shouldn’t all children be provided a safe environment in which to learn?    If Prichard and others are correct and this legislation does lead to more acceptance of homosexuality in our schools, isn’t that also likely to lead to a reduction of bullying and violence against these kids?   

No child is born to hate.   Hate must be taught.  Kids take their cues from the adults around them.   If teachers tolerate taunts of “faggot” on the playground, then those taunts must be okay.  If gays aren’t allowed to attend their proms, then it must be okay to ostracize them in every other form of school life, to bully and beat them until they see only one way out and another life is lost. 

I can already hear you.   “Wait.  I don’t want a gay child beaten up or bullied, but do they have to attend the prom?”    It wasn’t that long ago that the same thing was said about blacks.   Fear of those who are different is nothing new, nor is the violence it inevitably produces.   At some point, we as a nation have to ask ourselves if we want to continue this legacy of hate or change course and become a society of tolerance that encourages all of its children to achieve their full potential.

The Student Non-Discrimination Act is a step in this direction.   It puts school administrators on notice that they must adapt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination and the hostile environment it creates or lose their federal funding.  So far the bill has 25 sponsors, 24 Democrats and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.  Quite telling is the absence of a single Republican sponsor.  

Contact your representatives today and tell them to support  The Student Non-Discrimination Act.   Do it before one more child dies. 

Visit for Stefanie Mullens' excellent series on bullying.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck joins GMA this coming week as a contributor on “important issues facing parents and children.” Her first report will be on children and tattoos.  Holy Mother of God…

Childhood poverty, illiteracy, abuse, homelessness, teen suicide and this is what concerns her.  Children and tattoos?   Is this even a real issue?

I’d sooner watch Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction surgery.


On the subject of mouths…

Last week Rick Sanchez couldn’t keep his shut, so eager was he to portray his bosses at CNN as Jewish bigots, comments that resulted in getting his butt canned.   Then he couldn’t manage to open it to come to his own defense, instead allowing his wife to apologize for him on her Facebook page.

Seriously, dude?

Now in all fairness to Rick, he did come out from behind his wife’s apron later in the week and issue an apology of his own, but it will probably be some time before his balls descend.   


Lou Dobbs joins Meg Whitman in the hypocrite’s circle this week…

Long known for his tirades against illegal immigrants and calls for prosecution of those who hire them, Dobbs found himself cover boy on the “The Nation” magazine this week, outing him as… Yep.  An employer of illegal immigrants.  

Dobbs denies any wrongdoing, claiming the workers were actually employees of private contractors that he hired and, as such, he is not responsible for determining their immigration status.   In a debate with the article’s author, he challenged her to find any evidence that he had “directly” employed an undocumented worker. 

Nice dodge, Lou.  Except that you’ve also ranted against those who hire contractors who employee undocumented workers.  

Dobbs has hinted at a 2012 run for political office.   His ability to twist the truth should make him right at home in Congress. 


Also considering a run for office…

Times Square’s “Naked Cowboy” has declared himself a Tea Party candidate for President in 2012.  

Also known as Robert Burke, the studly dude with the tight buns – perfect  for dunking – held a press conference on the streets of New York where he donned a suit and tie to share his ultra-conservative agenda, which included the usual right-wing talking points about abolishing of the Department of Education and restoring the sanctity of marriage. Answering the burning question on everyone’s minds, Burke ended the conference by declaring his loyalty to Fruit of the Loom over Haynes.

I wonder how he’d feel about serving under Palin as her VP.  Because you know how she likes to be on top.  With a media that loves nothing more than to laud style over substance, a Palin/Naked Cowboy ticket would never suffer from lack of exposure. 


And speaking of the Tea Party…

This week Christine O’Donnell put out an ad to declare, “I’m not a witch.”   I’m not sure a disemboweled head floating on a black ground would be quite the way I would have gone with that message, but then we’re in unchartered territory here.  O’Donnell goes on to say, as if it’s a good thing, “I’m you.”

Me?   You’re me?   I don’t want someone like me in the Senate.   I want someone who’s a helluva lot smarter than me.   

Now it’s your turn…

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

injaynesworld we'd "Kick Our Caboose Into The Future..."

As a child, one of my favorite parts of decorating the Christmas tree was setting up our little electric train that would chug around on the floor beneath its branches, while listening to Johnny Cash’s well-worn Christmas album.     

Yes.  We did have electricity way back then!   Who said that?!

It had a whistle that would sound each time it circled the tree, which after a while would drive my mother nuts, but I was completely enchanted by it.  

I’ve always loved trains.   We lived right down the block from the train tracks and me and my friends used to love to run to the corner when we’d hear the approaching train whistle and wave to the commuters on their way to or from San Francisco.   They could have been flipping us off for all we knew, but we didn’t care.  We were just thrilled with any recognition from these mysterious strangers and we’d make up the most elaborate stories about their lives that we knew had to be so much more interesting than our own.   Americans have always been dreamers. 

So imagine my excitement when President Obama committed $8 billion in stimulus money to building high-speed rail service right here in the U.S.   A bullet train.   Don’t you just love the sound of that? 

Of course, such a cool mode of transportation is nothing new.   Much of the rest of the industrialized world has had some form of high-speed rail service since the ‘80s.   Hell, even Mexico is planning a line.  The U.S. has been lagging behind on this track for too long and frankly people are starting to laugh.  

With the high cost of fuel, traffic and airport congestion, not to mention that awkward cavity search at security, who wouldn’t welcome this exciting new plan for America?   

Who?    Aw… You’re way ahead of me aren’t you?

Republican candidates running for governor in several states key to the high-speed rail project are suddenly putting on the brakes.   Take Scott Walker in Wisconsin who’s running an ad proudly stating, “If I’m your governor, we’ll stop this train!”   Add John Kasich (a former talk show host at Faux) of Ohio, Rick Scott in Florida and Meg Whitman in my own California and you’ve got  a bunch of backward-thinking killjoys who could keep America’s transportation system in the caboose forever.

I have to wonder what would have happened if we’d had these folks around in the fifties when then Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower committed $25 billion to the Federal-Aid Highway Act for the building of our nation’s interstate highway system.  Yes.  It was also a stimulus package – the largest public works project in history up to that time and it put thousands of people to work.

I liked Ike, as he was called.   Everyone I knew liked Ike.   But if it were up to today’s Republican Party, he’d have been vilified for such a notion and blocked at every attempt, and what kind of nation would we have now without an interstate highway system?   Which, by the way, is currently crumbling.   So we can spend billions trying to shore it up or we can reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions, create jobs and move the transport of people and goods into the 21st Century if we can just get the GOP to stop standing in the way of progress.

In my best  Ty Pennington voice I say, “Build that train!”

And I think Johnny Cash would agree with me. 

Your comments toot my whistle…

Sunday, October 3, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

The size of the crowd at Saturday’s “One Nation” rally on the Washington Mall tops “Beckapalooza…”

Maybe because it more accurately reflected “real America.”  Unlike what some have referred to as Glenn Beck’s “Whitestock,”  every race, color, religion and sexual orientation was represented and the talk was of creating jobs and moving the country forward for all, rather than going backward while preserving the status quo for only the wealthiest among us.

There was a variety of signage, but notably absent were any pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache or a bone through his nose, which I can only assume to mean no one from the Tea Party showed up.

We are “One Nation.”   If you agree, grab the logo/link from my left sidebar and proudly display it on your blog...


Speaking of the Tea Party...

In the latest clip released by Bill Maher, Tea Party/Republican Senate candidate from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, expresses her deep spirituality:  "I was dabbling in witchcraft, I've dabbled in Buddhism," O'Donnell said during an appearance on "Politically Incorrect."  "I would have become a Hare Krishna, but I didn't want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why -- because I'm Italian, I love meatballs!"

Come on, Delaware.   Seriously?


Our Dumb Ass Of  The Week Award goes to Rick Sanchez...

It was a tough call between Christine and Rick, but since every single word that comes out of O'Donnell's mouth is dumb, we now consider her a professional dumb ass.

Sanchez, fired from CNN for saying "Jon Stewart's a bigot..." and then continuing to run his mouth with this inspired gem:  "Everyone who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart and to imply that somehow they -- the people in this country who are Jewish -- are an oppressed minority?  Yeah."
First of all, I never watch Sanchez, so I've got no horse in this race, but biting the hand that feeds you?  Never a good idea, so I can't really feel sorry for the guy.  Yes.  Jews hold a lot of executive positions in the media.  Just a fact.  Good luck getting another gig, Rick. 

If Sanchez is banking on being invited to join Faux where they're well-known for welcoming dumb asses, he may be in for a disappointment.   Faux owner Rupert Murdoch is reported to have a Jewish mother and is a well-known supporter of Israel.  Oops. 

Maybe Sanchez, Imus and Dr. Laura will form their own network.


More unbelievable crap from our friends on the "right..."

Despite the rulings of two federal judges pronouncing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to be unconstitutional in the last month, despite numerous polls showing an astonishing 75% of Americans to be overwhelmingly in favor of its repeal, despite the fact that our military is in critical need of these highly-trained gay and lesbian soldiers, Senate Republicans, led by John McCain, the fucktard who unleashed Sarah Palin and her progeny on the country, voted down the Defense Appropriations Bill because it contained a repeal of this archaic, discriminatory law.

Actually, let me correct that.   They didn’t have the balls to actually vote the bill down.  Instead they voted to refuse to allow it to even come to the floor for discussion.   They filibustered it.   And why would they do such a thing you may ask?

Come November, when some of you may be tempted to vote for a Republican, take a moment and consider who you’re really voting for.


And finally, Happy Anniversary to "The Flintstones" who turned 50 last week.

Bet your fond memories don't include Fred and Barney sucking back on a pack of Winston cigarettes....  

Surgeon General?   What Surgeon General?    The good ol’ days before we knew how many things touted by benign cartoon characters could actually kill us.  

Remember any others?

Please excuse the big gaps in the layout.   I tried to get it right for six hours.  Blogger is a complete piece of shit.  Now I know why people switch to Wordpress. 

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