Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck joins GMA this coming week as a contributor on “important issues facing parents and children.” Her first report will be on children and tattoos.  Holy Mother of God…

Childhood poverty, illiteracy, abuse, homelessness, teen suicide and this is what concerns her.  Children and tattoos?   Is this even a real issue?

I’d sooner watch Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction surgery.


On the subject of mouths…

Last week Rick Sanchez couldn’t keep his shut, so eager was he to portray his bosses at CNN as Jewish bigots, comments that resulted in getting his butt canned.   Then he couldn’t manage to open it to come to his own defense, instead allowing his wife to apologize for him on her Facebook page.

Seriously, dude?

Now in all fairness to Rick, he did come out from behind his wife’s apron later in the week and issue an apology of his own, but it will probably be some time before his balls descend.   


Lou Dobbs joins Meg Whitman in the hypocrite’s circle this week…

Long known for his tirades against illegal immigrants and calls for prosecution of those who hire them, Dobbs found himself cover boy on the “The Nation” magazine this week, outing him as… Yep.  An employer of illegal immigrants.  

Dobbs denies any wrongdoing, claiming the workers were actually employees of private contractors that he hired and, as such, he is not responsible for determining their immigration status.   In a debate with the article’s author, he challenged her to find any evidence that he had “directly” employed an undocumented worker. 

Nice dodge, Lou.  Except that you’ve also ranted against those who hire contractors who employee undocumented workers.  

Dobbs has hinted at a 2012 run for political office.   His ability to twist the truth should make him right at home in Congress. 


Also considering a run for office…

Times Square’s “Naked Cowboy” has declared himself a Tea Party candidate for President in 2012.  

Also known as Robert Burke, the studly dude with the tight buns – perfect  for dunking – held a press conference on the streets of New York where he donned a suit and tie to share his ultra-conservative agenda, which included the usual right-wing talking points about abolishing of the Department of Education and restoring the sanctity of marriage. Answering the burning question on everyone’s minds, Burke ended the conference by declaring his loyalty to Fruit of the Loom over Haynes.

I wonder how he’d feel about serving under Palin as her VP.  Because you know how she likes to be on top.  With a media that loves nothing more than to laud style over substance, a Palin/Naked Cowboy ticket would never suffer from lack of exposure. 


And speaking of the Tea Party…

This week Christine O’Donnell put out an ad to declare, “I’m not a witch.”   I’m not sure a disemboweled head floating on a black ground would be quite the way I would have gone with that message, but then we’re in unchartered territory here.  O’Donnell goes on to say, as if it’s a good thing, “I’m you.”

Me?   You’re me?   I don’t want someone like me in the Senate.   I want someone who’s a helluva lot smarter than me.   

Now it’s your turn…

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