Sunday, October 24, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."


… for those who may have been wondering what all that “shouting” across the Internet was about on Friday.   

Founded in 2000 by computer geek Derek Arnold, it’s celebrated every October 22nd as a testament to those annoying individuals who insist on making asses of themselves with the improper and overuse of the caps lock key, then again on June 28th to commemorate the passing of pitchman and renowned screamer, Billy Mays.  It even has its own Twitter feed. 

I wonder what the proper gift would be.

### announced this week that President Obama is related to both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.  Talk about your awkward family gatherings.  

The geneology website determined that Obama is tenth cousins with both, but apparently no relation to Kevin Bacon.


One step forward for equality...

An appellate court in Florida this week struck down that state’s draconian law which prohibited the adoption of foster kids by gay couples, ruling that there was no rational basis for the ban that had stood in the way of uniting loving families for 33 years. 

To the credit of Governor Crist, the Department of Children and Families and Florida's Attorney General, the decision was made to not appeal the ruling.    Are you listening, President Obama?

In contrast, this week his administration asked Judge Virginia Phillips to stay her ruling declaring DADT unconstitutional and when she said effectively “bite me” they appealed to the Ninth Court of Appeals and were granted the stay while the Court decides whether or not to overturn Judge Phillips and put the matter back into the hands of what may very well be a Republican led Congress.  

Nice move, Mr. Prez.  And you wonder why you’re losing your base.  


You lie down with pigs, you get dirty…

This may have been the lesson learned by Juan Williams, a news analyst who until this week split his air time between NPR and Faux News, which is a little like simultaneously dating Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson. 

While appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show last Monday, Juan passed this little gem…

“When I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb, and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried.  I get nervous.” 

… which immediately got his ass fired from NPR and before you could say “Oh no he din’t,” accusations of Williams’ First Amendment rights being violated were bellowed from the rooftops primarily, but not entirely, by our friends on the right. 

In response, NPR said that Williams’ had been repeatedly warned about contentious statements made by him on Faux in the past and issued this statement:  “Juan has a First Amendment right to say anything he wants.   He does not have a First Amendment right to be paid by NPR for saying anything he wants.”

I personally don’t think his statement was that big of a deal, especially since it was made on Faux where you expect to hear stupid shit like this.   As for his firing – right, wrong, I don’t know, but I can understand where NPR might view Williams’ association with Faux as tainting his credibility as an analyst on their network.  

On the other hand, credibility of any kind has never been an issue at Faux so it was no surprise when they immediately offered Williams a $2 million dollar contract to join Beck, Palin, Hannity and the others aboard the crazy train.  

It will be interesting to see if Williams brings their standards up or loses all remaining standards of his own. 


Finally, with the election drawing near and the defeat of Christine O’Donnell looking more and more promising every day, let’s enjoy every moment of this wacky, wonderful gal while we still can…

And now it’s your turn.  Sound off…

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