Sunday, November 27, 2011

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

There’s something about the terms “Thanksgiving” coupled with “Black Friday” that just seem wrong.   I’m assuming it’s called Black Friday because it brings out the darkest nature of people who, probably any other day, are a decent enough sort.   

Over at Walmart…

A woman determined to get a deal on an Xbox pepper-sprayed other customers around her in order to spring to the front of the line.   My guess is she’s related to this guy.   

Or maybe she's a Faux News viewer…

… who just happened to catch Megyn Kelly pronouncing pepper spray a “food,” and thought “Hey.  Then how bad could it be?”  If so, she can’t really be blamed.  According to a new study conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University on how informed TV news viewers are:  “The results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all." 

So people who don’t watch any news at all are actually better informed that those who watch Fox.   Well, you could just knock me down with a feather.


And while on the subject of pepper spray…

With liberty and justice for all – who can pay for it, that is. 


And they say it’s a “Do-Nothing Congress…”

Great news kids.  Pizza is now a vegetable.   

As with most things the GOP does, it’s actually more subversive than that.  School lunch regulations now read that one-eighth of a cup of tomato paste on pizza is equal to one-half cup actual vegetables.   The Obama Administration said “Well, that’s just bullshit,” or something like that, and ordered that for it to be equal to one-half cup of vegetables you had to actually have a half a damn cup of tomato paste.   Seems reasonable.  Right?   Not if you’re a Republican.  Continuing in their quest to oppose all things Obama right down to our kids’ nutritional intake, they blocked the president’s ruling, effectively making a serving of pizza equal to a half-cup of vegetables.

Oh yeah, and meanwhile still no jobs bill.  


While not exactly in keeping with today’s Thanksgiving theme, anything that pisses off the Christian right is reason enough to be thankful to me…

It’s the Archie Comics Gay Wedding issue!

Riverdale’s first openly gay character, Kevin Keller (although I’ve long suspected Betty and Veronica’s hidden lust for each other) is marching down the aisle with his African-American partner, Clay.  Damn.  Gay and black.  As you might guess, this has bible thumpers twisting in their knickers.  If only they'd gone one step further and also made him a Muslim.  I know.  That’s just greedy of me.   But I do love that Kevin is a military officer.   Ha! 

Here’s the money quote from Peter Spriggs of the Family Research Council:  “It’s unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution.”  Spriggs.  Doesn’t that just sound like a guy who would wear knickers?

Oh, yes.  So very much to be thankful for. 


Giving a whole new meaning to “Leggo of My Eggo…”

All this for a two-dollar waffle iron…

I’ve scanned the video pretty closely and, blessedly, I haven’t seen anyone I know or am related to, although butt-crack woman looks like a fun gal.  You might want to do the same in case you find one of these things under your tree.  Yeah, that’s right, Uncle Frank. You always were a cheap bastard. 


And finally, a shameless plug.  Coming (hopefully) next week in paperback and an e-book near you... 

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the best of injaynesworld.  Guaranteed to make you LYAO (no matter what its size), this compilation of the posts you liked best is just right for your bathroom reading and, of course, is suitable for giving.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

injaynesworld it's "A Simple Thank You..."


Sometimes saying “thanks” just feels so damn inadequate.  You know, like when someone goes way the hell out of their way to do something generous for you.  In earlier times, an appropriate response would be the gift of one’s first-born child.  I think that may still be an acceptable custom in some cultures, but only if the kid is a girl. 

It was easy being a grateful receiver when we were children.   We were little taking machines, never tired of being on the receiving end of life’s goodies.   Then somewhere along the way we learned shame.  Gifts began to be withheld if we were “bad.”   Love no longer felt unconditional.  It was now something to be earned.   Once adults, we often questioned the motives behind a gift, worried about being indebted, or believed ourselves unworthy and so began saying “No” to what life had to offer instead of “Yes.  More, please.”

In this time of giving thanks, whether you’re with family you love, family you tolerate, or those you really just can’t stand, you’re surrounded by abundance most of the world would envy and you deserve it.  All life requires is a simple thank you.    

Be a grateful receiver.  Allow others to give.  And watch the goodies start rolling in again.  Your prosperity prospers the world.  

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  And thank you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

injaynesworld we "Resent The Hell Out Of The Common Cold..."

As a youngster, catching a cold meant languishing in a warm bed, the smell of Vick’s wafting in the air as Mom dispensed chicken soup and Popsicles with a healthy dose of sympathy.  Cherocal cough syrup loaded with codeine kept me nicely sedated for days and, my every need met, I had only to burrow under a Pooh-Bear quilt, the rest of the world be damned.

Fast forward.

As an adult, it didn’t take me long to realize that illness no longer afforded such perks.  The world did not stop because I had the sniffles.  You want chicken soup, Jayne?  Get it yourself.   There was no paid sick leave for the self-employed, and the FDA had taken all the fun out of cough syrup.  With no attention, no sympathy, and no avoidance of daily responsibilities, getting sick had gone from a nice respite from worldly demands to a major inconvenience.

Through my thirties, there were colds I could pretty much always count on:  The Christmas cold  upon the day of my return from visiting family; the all-systems-can-now-collapse cold upon completion of each script assignment; and the smoking cold, which slapped me down whenever I got up to more than four or five cigarettes a day.  In fact, on my thirtieth birthday I had the last cigarette I would ever smoke for just that reason.  The onslaught of a burning throat and clogged nasal cavities occurred almost immediately with the inhale of my first cigarette of the day and proved to be so Pavlovian that even now, just the smell of cigarette smoke can quite literally make me retch.

As I grew older and began to subscribe more and more to the theory that I was the creator of my life and not its hapless victim, I began to question the purpose of illness altogether.  Without any perks, what the hell was the point?   And so it was that I identified the stress factors associated with both my Christmas trip and the timely completion of a writing assignment and eliminated them and the resulting colds from my life.  Damn, I felt powerful.

I’d love to report that the decades since then have been cold-free, but about once a year, despite a deep dish of hot denial, the relentless rhinovirus will knock me on my (size 4) ass.  It’s that cold that you never see coming.  It seems to hit without reason.  It is the “shit happens” cold, and there is no defense.   The wise thing to do when that first tingle in the back of my throat signals “incoming” would be to cancel plans, rest and let nature takes its course.  But, like the empty gas tank that I’m sure will run on a concentration of sheer will, I am always certain that I can beat this thing if I just… try… hard… enough. 

My stubbornness knows no bounds, but resistance proves futile, and the fact that this particular cold at this particular time seems to be “going around” does not dissuade me from considering it a personal failing. 

Ah, to be six years old again… for just a little while.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

injaynesworld we "Tempt Fate... And Lose"

The gas gauge was clearly well into the red zone.   Still, it had been in such territory before and I’d always managed to reach my destination, so can I be faulted for thinking that once again it was just “crying wolf?”  I’d actually considered getting gas the night before, but damned if I was going to pay seven cents more a gallon in town when I’d be driving right by the cheap station out on the highway the next day while on my way to get a mammogram.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning as I cruised along the winding road that led out to the 101.  Cows were peacefully grazing on golden hillsides.  The stock market was rallying on news that a deal had been made that would stabilize the Euro.   I’d given myself plenty of time to make my appointment.  What could go wrong?

Here’s something I didn’t know.   When your car runs out of gas, it takes the whole damn system down.   Oh, the car was still moving all right and, for a desperate moment, I even imagined I might be able to coast my way to the Our Lady of Perpetual Motion gas station a mere 10 miles down the road.   It was a slight downhill incline, so I wasn’t being entirely delusional.   However, the need to steer would be required.  Picture then my delight to find that not only was my car slowing at a time when all others were continuing to zip along – and precariously close, I might add – but my power steering?   Not so much.

I’m a strong-willed individual.  It’s hard for me to admit defeat.  So, it was with no small resentment at a universe that had refused to bend to my will that I edged myself into the emergency lane and rolled to a stop.   I could only pray that my cell phone worked in this area of my rural valley with its fickle reception.  God tossed me a bone.  
I considered waiting for help in my car, but worried about the possibility of another vehicle plowing into me.   Instead, I decided to stand about 20 feet in front of it where now I could be hit directly.   Oh, yes.  So much better.   It wasn’t long before a concerned gentleman pulled over on the opposite side of the road and yelled at me to climb my dumb ass up the side of the hill out of harm’s way, and while he may not have actually uttered the words “dumb” and “ass,” they were most certainly implied.   As my luck this particular morning would have it, the hillside was made of sand, which quickly filled my shoes only adding to the enjoyment of the day.  My savior then drove off, no doubt very pleased with himself.

October has been unusually warm this year and it didn’t take long before I could feel moisture forming on the back of my neck, under my arms, and between “the girls.”  For the uneducated, when a woman goes for a mammogram she is instructed not to put on any deodorant or talcum powder prior to the procedure.  Apparently, these products contain aluminum that, when exposed to more radiation than one would normally experience in 10 years, might cause a malfunction of the very machinery where one’s delicate breast tissue has been compressed to the width of a Swedish pancake.   How much longer until I began to reek, as well?

I had plenty of time to reflect upon my predicament as I waited.   Plenty.  Of.  Time.

I’d opted for taking my chances of reaching a gas station where I would be paying $3.87 a gallon instead of going to the closest station to my home and paying $3.94 – because, by God, those corporate oil bastards weren’t going to rip me off.  I’d show them!    Now I was sinking up to my calves in sand, soaked in fluids of my own making, and waiting for a towing service that was going to charge me $5.00 a gallon.

“Penny wise and pound foolish” was a saying I heard a lot as a child and grew to enjoy using on others in my oh-so-smarty-pants fashion.    I’m now reminded of another saying.   Karma’s a bitch.

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