Sunday, November 27, 2011

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

There’s something about the terms “Thanksgiving” coupled with “Black Friday” that just seem wrong.   I’m assuming it’s called Black Friday because it brings out the darkest nature of people who, probably any other day, are a decent enough sort.   

Over at Walmart…

A woman determined to get a deal on an Xbox pepper-sprayed other customers around her in order to spring to the front of the line.   My guess is she’s related to this guy.   

Or maybe she's a Faux News viewer…

… who just happened to catch Megyn Kelly pronouncing pepper spray a “food,” and thought “Hey.  Then how bad could it be?”  If so, she can’t really be blamed.  According to a new study conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University on how informed TV news viewers are:  “The results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all." 

So people who don’t watch any news at all are actually better informed that those who watch Fox.   Well, you could just knock me down with a feather.


And while on the subject of pepper spray…

With liberty and justice for all – who can pay for it, that is. 


And they say it’s a “Do-Nothing Congress…”

Great news kids.  Pizza is now a vegetable.   

As with most things the GOP does, it’s actually more subversive than that.  School lunch regulations now read that one-eighth of a cup of tomato paste on pizza is equal to one-half cup actual vegetables.   The Obama Administration said “Well, that’s just bullshit,” or something like that, and ordered that for it to be equal to one-half cup of vegetables you had to actually have a half a damn cup of tomato paste.   Seems reasonable.  Right?   Not if you’re a Republican.  Continuing in their quest to oppose all things Obama right down to our kids’ nutritional intake, they blocked the president’s ruling, effectively making a serving of pizza equal to a half-cup of vegetables.

Oh yeah, and meanwhile still no jobs bill.  


While not exactly in keeping with today’s Thanksgiving theme, anything that pisses off the Christian right is reason enough to be thankful to me…

It’s the Archie Comics Gay Wedding issue!

Riverdale’s first openly gay character, Kevin Keller (although I’ve long suspected Betty and Veronica’s hidden lust for each other) is marching down the aisle with his African-American partner, Clay.  Damn.  Gay and black.  As you might guess, this has bible thumpers twisting in their knickers.  If only they'd gone one step further and also made him a Muslim.  I know.  That’s just greedy of me.   But I do love that Kevin is a military officer.   Ha! 

Here’s the money quote from Peter Spriggs of the Family Research Council:  “It’s unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution.”  Spriggs.  Doesn’t that just sound like a guy who would wear knickers?

Oh, yes.  So very much to be thankful for. 


Giving a whole new meaning to “Leggo of My Eggo…”

All this for a two-dollar waffle iron…

I’ve scanned the video pretty closely and, blessedly, I haven’t seen anyone I know or am related to, although butt-crack woman looks like a fun gal.  You might want to do the same in case you find one of these things under your tree.  Yeah, that’s right, Uncle Frank. You always were a cheap bastard. 


And finally, a shameless plug.  Coming (hopefully) next week in paperback and an e-book near you... 

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the best of injaynesworld.  Guaranteed to make you LYAO (no matter what its size), this compilation of the posts you liked best is just right for your bathroom reading and, of course, is suitable for giving.

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