Thursday, November 24, 2011

injaynesworld it's "A Simple Thank You..."


Sometimes saying “thanks” just feels so damn inadequate.  You know, like when someone goes way the hell out of their way to do something generous for you.  In earlier times, an appropriate response would be the gift of one’s first-born child.  I think that may still be an acceptable custom in some cultures, but only if the kid is a girl. 

It was easy being a grateful receiver when we were children.   We were little taking machines, never tired of being on the receiving end of life’s goodies.   Then somewhere along the way we learned shame.  Gifts began to be withheld if we were “bad.”   Love no longer felt unconditional.  It was now something to be earned.   Once adults, we often questioned the motives behind a gift, worried about being indebted, or believed ourselves unworthy and so began saying “No” to what life had to offer instead of “Yes.  More, please.”

In this time of giving thanks, whether you’re with family you love, family you tolerate, or those you really just can’t stand, you’re surrounded by abundance most of the world would envy and you deserve it.  All life requires is a simple thank you.    

Be a grateful receiver.  Allow others to give.  And watch the goodies start rolling in again.  Your prosperity prospers the world.  

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  And thank you.

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