Wednesday, October 28, 2009

injaynesworld "This Is It" rocked my world

First of all, it was crazy windy and I still went to the movie.   Points for me!   And I stayed awake.  More points for me!

The movie should more than satisfy any Jackson fan and even those who weren't.  At its core it's that backstage look at the putting together of a major show by a major superstar -- glimpses of a world few of us will ever have the opportunity to see.  

I was not a Jackson fan.   I didn't dislike him.   I sang along and grooved to his music whenever it came on the radio, but I never bought an album (yes, as in vinyl), CD, DVD or anything else produced with his likeness,  and I was completely entranced by this film, which is lovingly culled from 80 hours of footage by the very talented choreographer/director, Kenny Ortega. 

It starts out with the audition of the dancers as they speak into the camera, bearing their emotions as they tell us what Michael (or MJ, as he's often called) and this opportunity to perform with him means to them.   The theme of the film, and the tour, and Michael's fragile life, was always love and these amazingly talented young people unabashedly express that love not only in words, but through the 110% they give in their performances.

It took me a while to get past Michael's appearance.   He looks so frail and his face, that face that he methodically distorted so as not to look anything like his much-detested father,  reveals a deep internal struggle to prove to the world that he's still the king, while at the same time someone who is exhausted from continually having to prove himself.   But get past that I did, and you will too, because there is so much more to this film and to Michael.

What struck me the strongest is that his inherent sweetness, gentleness, and joy; his love for the music and for everyone around him and, yes, for the world, still shines like a beacon.   That's his humanity.   But there is something else, his genius, that comes through so strongly and seems almost inhuman in that it's hard to grasp that any mere mortal could be capable of transforming themselves so completely into their instrument.

Fans of Michael's music will not be disappointed.   It's all there.   Watching him rehearse a song, putting together every beat in meticulous coordination with lighting and effects, along with his interaction with his musicians, is absolutely dazzling and showcases his brilliance in a way that is completely devastating as one realizes that amazing light is gone forever.

I could go on, but this is just my experience.  Yours will be unique to your feelings about Michael, his music, and his life, but I will say that just purely on a level of a rock 'n' roll movie, "This Is It" delivers and then some.  I doubt anyone will be disappointed.


Lee said...

I didn't want to see it, but now I do!!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

I will see the movie, but I have been listening to J5 for my whole life and love the old stuff.

The later stuff seems to emit much of his inner disarray and confusion.

Pearl said...

I was a much bigger Jackson Five fan than MJ fan, but his earliest solo work really showed his commitment to music. The latter work, however, I found to be disappointing, more that he needed to make a house payment than he needed to share what he'd been working on.

But will I see the movie? :-) Probably!


laughykate said...

Why do creative geniuses always seem to be so fecked in the biscuit? It does make me thank my lucky stars I'm Kate Average.

Adam said...

Hey Jayne! I wasn't very enthusiastic about going to the theaters for that, because I thought it was just some producer attempt to profit on MJ's death, but you changed my mind!

Adam (

kim said...

I have every intention of seeing this while it's still on the big screen..Michael weathered some really shitty life experiences, brought on by his own misguided choices and his bubble of voluntary naivte'...

I think we brand 'freak' too often on people, I think he was broken and on a constant search for love and acceptance. He wound up in a place I don't think he thought he'd be and it was sad that he left behind those beautiful kids.

I don't care how the world saw Michael, his music is phenomenal and he left behind a legacy of love for the world.

Linda Medrano said...

After reading this, I really want to see the film. I loved MJ's music and at one point, he was one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Strange young man but oh my God, the talent! Thanks Jayne!

Jane Lively said...

I am oddly excited about this movie. The trailer got me interested.

Micsteel said...

Thank you for the review and I am glad you where able to live this little adventure!

Kristi said...

What a great review. I think I'm going to take my kids. They're only old enough to have seen the old footage. I'd like them to have some memories of him of their own.


Jayne Martin said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm so glad you found the review helpful and very glad I got my lazy butt out to see the film.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well that's it. I'm going. You sold me on it. What a fantastically written review!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Props for you for going out in the wind and after dark! See, you ARE one of the cool kids!

Great review!

Tawnia said...

I can't wait to see it! I may have to go alone though. My hubby is not or never was an MJ fan. Hey K do you wanna go with me?
Love Tawnia

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