Sunday, October 18, 2009

injaynesworld it's another "Sunday Recap"

So the big story of the week was the balloon boy (aptly named "Falcon") who actually turned out to be only a box boy.  Far less interesting, but that didn't stop The Today Show, Good Morning America, and others from dragging the story out ad nauseum until the little guy literally hurled on national television.  The big question now seems to be was this or was this not an elaborate hoax by the Heene family who, it's been revealed, have been hawking a reality show about themselves all over town for months.  (Notice the clever use of yet another bird metaphor.)  Well, I don't know if it was a hoax.  I do know that if I'd done something like that as a kid, my ass would still be blistered and that kid doesn't look like he's gotten much of a punishment to me.  Although, as the story develops, being part of that family may be punishment enough. 

In other riveting news, Levi Johnstone has signed to pose naked in Playgirl.  Reportedly, he is getting in shape by working out with a personal trainer and eating moose meat.  No, really.  Moose meat.  And, apparently, he shoots the moose himself.  Personally, I couldn't eat something that I had looked in the eye.  Call me a hypocrite, but I want someone else to kill my moose.  Meanwhile, as Levi's star is rising, according to a new Gallup poll Sarah Palin's favorability rating has plummetted to a new all-time low of 40%, despite her highly-anticipated book, "Going Rogue."  It would seem that most people just want her going gone. 

On a sad note (not really), it seems that white, fat racist, Rush Limbaugh, will be denied his opportunity to own part of the New Orleans Rams, a team of 35 toned and buff black men who hate him because, well... he's a white, fat racist.   Can I get a collective "Awwww."

Moving on, our "Golden Balls" award this week goes to the producers of this clever political ad.  Enjoy.  I know I did.  And, as usual, please share your favorite moments of the week, because I can't be everywhere. 


Linda Medrano said...

I think the balloon boy deal was a hoax and so stupid of the dad to call the newspaper before he called 911. I'd hide from humiliation for the rest of my life after this one, but they will probably get a reality tv show out of it. Oh God! Great post, Jayne!

Kimberly said...

You left Jon Gosselin out of your mix and another week of airing the dirty laundry of the divorce. Jon stops production of the show that exploits his children after being eliminated from the show. Now TLC is suing him for breach of contract!
Personally...I think someone needs to kidnap J & K, fly them to a remote island, drop them off there until they both grow up or kill each other. Whichever comes first!!

As for balloon boy and his family...after watching the interview on CNN live, I knew it was a hoax. Even more so when the family's reality TV history started coming to light. But... I wish the news would just let this one alone. Even negative publicity is publicity for this reality whore family. I feel so sorry for the kids.
It seems there is a theme of bad parents this week!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

it is official. it was hoax. i saw it on the news.

Tawnia said...

Is it me or is shit just getting weirder around here:)? I think people are losing their minds.
Gives us good material though:)
Love Tawnia

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i think this week, i liked the little boy who asked Pres Obama why everyone hated him. I saw him interviewed on the today show sunday morning and he said something further like, he is our president and he should be more respected.

it gets old. once the election is over, we need to get behind the president and get some stuff done.

and it is both sides. no matter how benign, obama does something .... bam bam bam from the republicans. if he does anything, they crit it. if he does nothing, they crit him not doing anything.

and it is the same if the person is republican. not just the president.

it gets old listening to it all.

and i am also sick of so much time and money being wasted and nothing but more debt being incurred by the administrationSSSSSSS. plural.

Kristi said...

I'm having a hard time drumming up any sympathy for Rush. Poor, priveledged, white man. Barf. I was happy to hear this morning that although Rush's radio show has 15 million listeners, NPR as 20 million. It is a small thing, but in the climate you find the good news where you can.

I can't comment on Michelle Bachman. Well, I guess I can say this. I'd like to pinch her Barbie head off and leave her naked, headless, plastic body in the bottom of the bathtub with the scum left over from my daughter's last bubble bath. That is all.


Kimberly said...

I agree with Marie on the little boy in NO asking the Pres why people hated him.
But the definition of character and integrity came when the crowd in NO booed Republican Gov. Jay Jindal. Obama silences the crowd with his bipartisan spirit of saying Jindal was "doing a good job" and talked about the right to disagree with philosophies.
At least the Obama NO speech was a positive in a bizarre week!

Jayne Martin said...

Great comments all! Thank you.

Kristi: There is absolutely no explanation for the existence of Michelle Bachman except perhaps to make Sarah Palin look sane by comparison.

Lee said...

I couldn't respond to your comment because of the NO REPLY BLOGGER! So, this is me, saying thanks for the comment!!

Kristi said...

What a relief, I thought her existence was Satan's sneaky little way to drive me mad.

Adam said...

Hey Jayne, you should write to SNL, they have a sketch that simulates a news anchor, and your humor sense would be put to good use there! Well, tell them I said so, ehehheh!

Adam (

Beth said...

Just found your blog through another... and I love finding like minded people!

Personally, I was kind of hoping that Sarah Palin would leave Todd for Rush. At least we know that Rush keeps a healthy supply (illegal though it may be) of Viagra handy. They would be a match made in ... Well, I don't know where, but they deserve each other.

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