Sunday, June 6, 2010

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June 2nd was International Whores Day… Who knew?

Apparently 20,000 sex workers in Australia who scheduled a series of marches to draw attention to what they call “whore-phobic attitudes.”  Chanting “No bad whores, just bad laws,” many wore T-shirts reading "whore power" and "sluts unite" and carried red umbrellas, a symbol of the movement. 

A representative of the group said. "Sex work is legal in Australia. Brothels are run in a professional and transparent manner, and sex workers are huge contributors to society, yet we face discrimination every single day,” citing applications for rental housing and credit cards, as well as being forced to pay up to five times more than other advertisers in newspapers.

So next time you see a sex worker by the side of the road carrying a sign that says, “I give blow-jobs so you don’t have to,” show a little respect. 


Moving on to politics…

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has nothing better to be outraged over…

This week the George Hamilton wanna-be turned an even deeper shade of whatever the hell color he is when he expressed his anger over Beatle Paul McCartney’s statement that he was grateful America again has a president “who knows what a library is.”

Seriously, John?   Take a real close look at this photo.

This is really the fight you want to pick?  


Cheney – the gift that keeps on giving…

BP Oil has hired a former spokeswoman for Dick Cheney to lead its PR effort.   While working for Cheney, Anne Kolton defended the Vice-President’s right to hold secretive meetings with oil company executives.   BP was reportedly among those companies Cheney met with.   

Another stellar decision by BP.


And speaking of dicks…

Viagra may get you up, but apparently it doesn’t keep you there.  Worry not.   A swift spray of a new yet-unnamed drug may help your erection last nearly six times longer.  Men who sprayed the head of "Mr. Weenie" five minutes prior to sex lasted an average of three minutes compared with just over 30 seconds before treatment.

Among the reported side effects, however, were complaints of vaginal burning by some of their partners.

Oh, yeah.   That’ll get you invited back.


Behold the Gringo Mask – coming to a border state near you…

Planning a jaunt through Arizona this year?  Put your best white face forward.   Simply choose from a cut-out of a blue-eyed, sandy haired white guy or a green-eyed, blond white woman and quicker than you can say “Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” you no longer look like a "suspicious, potentially illegal" alien.

The Gringo Mask was created as a way to show disapproval of Arizona’s new immigration law targeting Hispanics.  The creators have said that the purpose of the mask is not to profit or offend, but rather they hope it to be a creative way to start a dialogue about the negative effects of racial profiling on all communities, not just the Hispanic.   


Human/Animal Hybrids Banned In Ohio

Anxious to prove that the great political minds of Arizona have nothing on them, the Ohio legislature succumbed to pressure from a group calling itself the Ohio Christian Alliance and passed a law that would make it illegal to create a human/animal hybrid.  

I know I’m relieved.

Apparently, frightened by the unexplainable origins of Glenn Beck and fearing the production of more such sub-species, the Ohio Christian Alliance has been working to ban all embryonic stem cell research.   As they see it, it’s just a slippery slope from discovering a cure for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and spinal cord injuries to the creation of this fellow.

Lunatic fringe – 1.   Medical Science – 0.


And finally, some sad news…

This week we lost another “Golden Girl” with the passing of the very classy Rue McClanahan who played the bawdy, lovable Blanche Devereaux

Truly, they don’t make them like the used to.  R.I.P. Rue.

Will perform unnatural acts for comments…

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