Sunday, December 12, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

I don't even remember the last time I was sick.   Seriously.   It's been years.   I never get sick -- something I enjoy bragging about.   Colds, flu, allergy season pass me right on by.   So imagine my surprise when, after a visit with my God-daughter and her four-year-old sick son, I got slammed on my (size 4) ass.

Filed under "No good turn goes unpunished," I'd gone to L.A. on Wednesday to help put the lights on her tree and spend the night.  In all fairness, she told me the little rug rat had a cold, but a plan is a plan.   I'm kind of stubborn that way.   I was sure I could keep a safe distance and, in fact, not so much as a hug took place.  How could my otherwise stellar immune system possibly have failed me so? 

I blame Obama.   His capitulation on tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% among us quite frankly kicked the crap out of my otherwise strong constitution, causing me to enter germ central in an unusually depressed state.  To quote the always on point Andy Borowitz, "Obama agrees to extend custody of his balls to the Republicans through 2012."

And now I'm going back to bed.   Oh, yeah... I blame this shitty Recap on Obama, too.

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