Wednesday, March 23, 2011

injaynesworld "Odyssey Dawn..."

. a stripper name.   

Or perhaps a feminine hygiene product, which would make more sense, I suppose.  We are trying to dispose of a douche.

Somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon it’s some poor low-level bureaucrat’s job to come up with asinine names for our military missions to make them easier to sell -- to us,  the ever gullible public.

Because names like “Operation Throbbing Manhood,” or “Operation Testosterone Overload” – while certainly more accurate – just don’t roll off the tongue in the same pleasing manner, do they?

The first day of our “humanitarian mission” in Libya cost us $100,000,000.   Meanwhile, we’ve cut the budget we spend on heating oil subsidies for the elderly and poor, some of whom, come another winter like this one, will probably freeze to death from lack of heat.   Well, what the hell.   I hear freezing’s not such a bad way to go.  

Maybe they should go live in Libya where “we cannot stand idly by and watch people die.”  

And don’t even get me started about the cost of that fighter jet we lost.  My guess is Allstate won’t be approving that claim any time soon.

Today U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates spoke to reporters in Cairo, stating that no one can predict an outcome in Libya.   Sound familiar?

Oh, and there’s another misnomer, “Defense Department.”   Why don’t they just call it what it is, the “Offense Department.”  Even after 9/11 we didn’t play defense.  We bankrupted the country attacking Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.  

We don’t seem to have money to help the long-term unemployed who’ve seen their jobs disappear due to the government's penchant for corporate giveaways and disastrous trade policies.   We can’t afford to pay our teachers so we’re laying them off and closing schools.   Infrastructure?  Maybe when the Golden Gate Bridge collapses that will finally get our attention, but in the meantime you lesser known bridges – you’re screwed. 

I feel as bad about people around the globe being slaughtered by their governments as the next person, but has anyone noticed that we have a war going on right here in this country against our own people?    The middle-class has been economically bombed nearly out of existence.   Where’s the outrage over that?

So okay.   We’re in it now.   Can we please stop saying we’re not going to take out Gadhafi?    After the millions of dollars we’re pissing away on this thing, I want to see a dead guy.   Kill.  The.  Mother.  Fucker.   And then let’s get the hell out. 

Or let’s call this what it is:   Operation Clusterfuck.   

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