Monday, April 18, 2011

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap - Late Edition..."

Students may keep their boobies...

So says a Pennsylvania High Court, which ruled that school officials violated students’ free speech rights when they expelled two girls who had worn the I “heart” boobies bracelets to school on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  

The Court deemed that the wearing of the bracelets, sold by the Keep A Breast Foundation to raise breast cancer awareness among young people, did not meet the definition of “lewd, vulgar or offensive,” nor did it cause a substantial disruption to the learning environment.  

Kudos to the often maligned ACLU who argued the case for the kids and a big thumbs down to school officials who say they will appeal the decision. 


Seeing red over pink…

A “J Crew” ad showing a mother and son playing with pink toenail polish has given the wingnuts over at Faux News something new to be outraged about. 

Apparently, fearful that this will cause the young lad to suddenly sprout a vagina, “health” columnist Dr. Keith Ablow declared this mother/son moment to be “a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity.”

“Dramatic.”  Seriously?   The ultra-conservative Media Research Center went even further labeling the ad “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.

If only the right would get so charged up over their draconian budget cuts to food programs for needy mothers and children. 

Now that’s an outrage.


Sign seen outside a shuttered Borders bookstore…

Nice to see the newly unemployed retain their sense of humor.


Finally it’s almost time for the Royal Wedding.   Here’s how we’d like to see it…

And I bet William and Kate would prefer it, too.

Thanks T-Mobile.

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