Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Just when we thought the wedding news out of the Brits was over…

Congratulations are in order for Sir Paul McCartney.  The 68-year-Beatle announced his engagement to his girlfriend of four years, 51-year-old New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell.  You know what they say about the “third time.”

But the big wedding news this week comes out of California where 100-year-old Forrest Lunsway and his 90-year-old bride, Rose Pollard, tied the knot after dating for 30 years.

What took them so long?   Both were widowed and Rose had no intention of ever marrying again, so when Forrest proposed she told him she’d marry him on his 100th birthday.   Damned if he didn’t call her bluff.

Now that’s love we can believe in. 


The President had a big week…

But still there are some who won’t let up on him… 

People as politically diverse as Sean Hannity and Michael Moore claimed the killing of Bin Laden was illegal, and criticized it as an execution of an unarmed man.

Never at a loss for nonsense, Sarah Palin accused the President of “pussy-footing around” by not releasing the grim photos of Bin Laden’s death mask.  Personally, I see no good that could from releasing the photos of Bin Laden with a bullet through his head. 

What about you?


Not to be outdone, the Republicans continued their war on women’s health…

... with the passage of yet another bill restricting the already non-existent taxpayer funding of abortion they claim is hiding somewhere in the Affordable Health Care Act, while also crafting legislation that would redefine “forcible rape.”  Because apparently they believe there’s such a thing as consensual rape.  

Well, I guess it’s easier than cutting tax subsidies for oil companies or passing a jobs bill.  


Does “two-faced” run in the Palin family…?

Bristol Palin was barely recognizable at a red carpet event this week.   Palin denies going under the knife to achieve her new look, which includes Reece Witherspoon’s chin and Heidi Klum’s cheekbones, attributing the transformation to just the loss of a few pounds.

And I can see Russia from my house…


This week Katy Couric announce that she will be leaving CBS News...

I will always hold her dear to my heart for changing the course of history in this one unforgettable moment.

Ah, yes… Good times. 

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