Tuesday, October 11, 2011

injaynesworld we awake "Under The Big Top..."

… where hangovers are discouraged.   You don’t want to wake up with your head spinning, look up and see this.   I promise you.

Even on your average morning, it can set the room in motion.  And so it was with the first few days I awoke in my mountain top cottage.   Unlike many children, I harbored no fantasies in my youth of running off and joining a circus.  Nor did the pyramids of Egypt ever beckon me.   Yet, here I am in a six-sided, one-room home that, from my morning pillow, might easily be mistaken for either.   My ceiling, I’m afraid, is far more adventurous than I am.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.   A tour should start at the front door. Two actually.  French and facing west, they are the first part of the cottage to greet the day.  The deck extends all the way around the house, which makes “walking in circles” a literal rather than figurative expression around here.

Open the door and you’ll find yourself looking through the center of the cottage to my bed and office on the opposite walls.  And yes, that is a giant pole right smack in the middle.  Unfortunately, its circumference is too great to allow for pole-dancing, nor do any handsome firemen slide down from the roof, but it does hold the whole place up, so it can be forgiven such shortcomings.   

Take a turn to the right and you’re in my kitchen/dining area complete with a Hasbro “Easy Bake” oven perfect for single-serving size pizza or a muffin tray of six should the urge to bake strike me.  It never does.  A full-size frig, microwave, toaster and coffee maker complete my food prep needs.

Wall #3 houses the bathroom and boasts another awesome view.  See, it really is a tree house.

A jewel of a sink brought home by the owner from a trip to Spain somehow found its way to this little place, although I can’t imagine that was her intent when she bought it.   Or maybe it was.   She’s much more generous than I am.

Swing around another 6th of a turn and voila!   Behold the boudoir.  And really, what more does anyone really need in a bedroom?    A dresser would just be frivolous when plenty of space can be found under the bed, and storage containers are now made to house pretty much anything from panties to pumps.  I tell myself that there are people who make do with far less room on submarines.

And here we are at wall #5, the office, and another amazing view.   Desk, laptop, printer, boom box – yes, I still have a boom box because I like to blast my music and my neighbors, who you will meet shortly, don’t mind a bit.

Finally, wall #6, the living room.   My favorite spot is the couch where I flop nightly, remote in one hand, wine in the other and enjoy catching up on back seasons of “Dexter” who, I believe, has more integrity than just about anyone in Washington.  So there you have it.  And all this contained in a room that is no more than 26’ from one side to the other.  

Mason loves it here.  He's turned from a pussy to the neighborhood bad-ass and there are plenty of tailless lizards around who will attest to his prowess.  He still won’t kill a damn mouse though.  

And Dixie couldn’t be happier to be able to sun herself on the porch while keeping an eye on me inside, wherever I happen to be.  

Oh, wait.  I promised to introduce you to the neighbors.   Meet the Moo family.   They’re nosy, but they don’t complain much.  

So ends the tour of my little treetop temple.  Believe me.  I know how fortunate I am.  There may not be a luckier fool on the planet.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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