Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Whitney Houston sang, “You can’t take away my dignity…”

But some lowlife, dirtbag gave it his/her best shot, snapping and selling this photo of Houston as she lay in her casket at the visitation.  What’s even worse?   I looked.  Yeah.  I did.  And she looked beautiful and finally at peace.  But I was not entitled to see her that way.  In falling to the temptation of some parasitic, scum-sucker who walked away with probably a million bucks, I sold Houston out, too... and lost a bit of my own dignity.


Because no female is ever too young for the crosshairs of the GOP…

Those damn Girl Scouts trying to fool us with their innocent smiles and sugary treats, while all the time out to earn their merit badges in depravity by transforming the unsullied daughters of Christian families into radical, abortion-seeking, pregnant homosexuals.

From Fort Wayne, Indiana, comes the tale of (R) Rep. Bob Morris, who refused to sign a state resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, calling them a “radicalized organization of feminists and lesbians” that supports abortion and promotes the “homosexual lifestyle.”  It seems Bob’s been doing some web surfing and found allegations that the Scouts are actually a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood (“Get a free box of Thin Mints with every abortion”), because they were using informational pamphlets from PP as part of teaching sex ed. 

I strongly suspect Morris is just suffering from a repressed desire for nubile young women in uniforms.


The intitials “V.P.” took on a whole unpleasant meaning for rising Republican star and oft-mentioned candidate for vice-president Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell this week…

 … when the media and Internet started referring to him as the “vaginal probe” guy for his support of a bill that would require Virginia women seeking an abortion to first have a vaginal probe ultrasound against their will.  To the governor’s credit as a political animal, he quickly backed away from the intrusive legislation, stating that instead Virginia women will only have to have an abdominal ultrasound -- against their will.  

GOP women’s health cartoon


Finally, it seems the whole country is vagina-obsessed these days.  From Wasilla, Alaska -- the town that brought us the Palins -- “warrior spirit” or “lady’s periwinkle?”   You decide…

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