Thursday, December 13, 2012

injaynesworld “The North Pole’s Got Nothin’ On Me…”

It didn’t grow wild in the forest or come from a Christmas tree farm, but it won’t drop needles all over the floor as its dying carcass is sadly dragged from the house sometime in late January because I can’t bear to part with it any sooner.  In fact, I needn’t part with it at all.  I could just hang hearts on it in February, Easter eggs in spring, and little American flags in July, but I won’t because I’m not yet quite that demented. 

True, it doesn’t fill my home with the smell of fresh pine, but that’s why God created Glade. 

If life has taught me anything it’s the importance of improvising.  Gone now are the Christmas parties of years past where my large home was packed with friends decorating my eight-foot tree and feasting on freshly-made tomato bisque soup.  The soup is still here, but the gatherings are smaller, two or three friends at a time as my tiny new abode will allow, and not a bit of the festivity has been lost.

It’s hard for me to believe that I was once a “Bah-humbug” about this time of year.  Unhappy with my own life, I felt mocked by the gaiety I saw everywhere around me, and tried my best to shut Christmas out.  Like a raging river, however, it would not be denied, and ultimately I always broke down, unpacked my tiny fake tree and carefully positioned the lights.  “You win, Christmas,” I would say with a smile.   

There are many people feeling that Christmas is lost to them, but it’s never lost to anyone.  It continues to live in our hearts, maybe only as a tiny ember of Christmases past, but make just the smallest effort to meet it halfway and see how quickly its flame ignites to lift your spirits.  

Go on.  Improvise. 

Wishing you all the blessings and joy of the holiday season.

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