Monday, March 11, 2013

injaynesworld "All Good Atheists Go To Heaven..."

We often speak of the “afterlife” to quell our fear of death.   I prefer to think of the “beforelife,” a place where souls wait in line for the next uterus to pull to the curb, plump with a newly-formed vehicle inside.   You might end up as a handmaid to Cleopatra, or palling around with Mark Twain.  If your timing is just right you could even be in line to the throne of England right this very minute, but you’ll have to act quickly.

Occasionally, things can go awry, like when some brash soul cuts in line only to find upon birth that it has a penis where a vagina was expected, but for the most part we seem to accept the life circumstances we’re born into and make the best of them.

We arrive as we departed, through a tunnel bookended by light.  Hence the term, “the light at the end of the tunnel.”   I just made that up.  I have no idea where that saying comes from and am too lazy to Google it, but you may if you wish.   Catch up when you get back.

It doesn’t take long before environment and DNA take over and we forget who we are and where we just came from, only to spend our allotted years here trying to figure it out again.  Then all too soon it’s over and back we go, arriving on the other side wondering “What the fuck was that all about?”  Yet each and every time most of us are still gripped by the fear of death like some poor fool who just never gets the joke.

And so it goes… 
What place does God have in all this?   I don’t think God gives a crap whether we believe in Him or not.   For the record, I do, although not the God that religious zealots have hijacked to push their own particular agendas on the rest of us.   If you’re seeking judgment or punishment, there’s plenty of that to be had on earth and we usually inflict it on ourselves.   The God of my beliefs welcomes everyone, sinner or saint, advising us to “Rest, recoup and try to do better next time.”

Over at the One-Minute Writer, today’s prompt was to write about our vision of the afterlife.  Here’s mine:  When this current life has run its course, I want to be reunited with all the animals I’ve loved, especially my horses.  I want to climb on their backs and gallop green hills, jumping over downed trees and fences with an ease I could never master while on the earthly plane.   I want to bury my face in the soft fur of every cat I’ve ever cuddled and feel the joyful kisses of recognition from every dog that has honored me with its love. 

And then I want to have a good sit-down with Nora Ephron…

Describe your perfect afterlife.  It’s never too soon to plan…

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