Sunday, June 16, 2013

injaynesworld it's "Father's Day..."

My father’s hands are missing from my life. 

My father’s hands did not hold mine, lift me when I fell, muss my hair or pretend to steal my nose, point the way or beckon me to follow.   They did not comfort me when I cried, make shadow puppets to make me smile, or applaud any of my achievements. 

My father’s hands never signed a card, “love, Dad.”

An elusive figure until his death in my teens, he would occasionally appear only to disappear again, teaching me to forever seek out others like him. 

A lifetime is a long time to be angry at a shadow and so I forgive, accepting and understanding that one cannot give what one does not have.  

And I allow myself to love him for the life I've been given.    

Happy Father’s Day.

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