Monday, September 16, 2013

injaynesworld it's "A Tiny Tale of Talking Tulips..."

Everyone in the village agreed; there was something most unusual about the garden in front of the long-abandoned Humelsmith house.   Not only were the flowers larger and brighter in color than  those of any of their neighbors, but even in the harshest of winters they raised their blooms toward the sky in what could only be described as a defiance of every natural law.

This, however, was not the strangest thing about the tiny plot of land, for though no one would speak of it for fear of being thought quite out of their minds, several of the villagers could swear they had heard the flowers whisper to them as they passed by.

Gladys Weesley had been warned by a gentle geranium not to sleep in her bedroom on the very night that a large branch from an ancient oak had crashed through the roof, pulverizing the bed where she surely would have been at slumber, while Delores Kiddlebaum found the comments of a climbing rose about her sizeable derriere particularly thorny, but she never worn horizontal stripes again.

Though the house itself had become an eyesore, talk of tearing it down has long ceased and so the garden remains to this very day, and the children of the villagers, now adults and having grown up playing among the precocious petals all their lives, find nothing unusual about it at all, though they still keep their conversations to themselves. 

This post in response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt, “Flowers.”

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