Monday, November 25, 2013

injaynesworld "Revenge Is Sweet..."

My punishment would be fierce; of this I was certain.  Still, I could not stop myself.

The gift had been meant for both of us, but now it was ruined by my sister’s rush to lay claim to all the very best pieces first, including the ones with the dark spreckles on top that she knew were my favorites. 

Chocolate-covered orange cream bon-bons; sweet maple wrapped in white chocolate; lemon, fudge, and cherry fillings – she had bitten into each one, leaving for me only the defiled leftovers that had not met her fancy and, as if that wasn’t enough, a box full of empty brown wrappers that I am sure was only meant to taunt me.  

I watched as, suspecting nothing, she eagerly dug into the bar of tiny chocolate squares from our parents’ medicine cabinet that I had so beautifully re-wrapped and left by her bedside… and then I waited.

This post from the prompt Five Sentence Fiction prompt “pieces.”

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