Sunday, May 18, 2014

injaynesworld it's a "Twitter Fail..."

This morning I opened my e-mail to be advised that I had a new Twitter follower.  Yay me!   Imagine my sad little face   :(   to find it was a septic tank emptying and waste disposal firm located in the U.K. that goes by the engaging name of “Euro Loo.” 

Dear Euro Loo…

While I know my writing isn’t for everyone, no one has ever before implied that it was crap, much less offered to dispose of it.   If you knew or cared anything about the written word, you’d know that those of us that produce such are sensitive, insecure souls to begin with and quite capable of trashing our own work without the offer of your services, thank you very much! 

On the other hand, I suppose it would be outright rude to not consider the possibility that your interest in following me is sincere.  

Still, if you don’t mind, let’s just keep this relationship between the two of us.    

I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t one of those discount cremation services – cash only – no credit cards accepted. 

And how is your day going?

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