Tuesday, March 10, 2015

injaynesworld "There's a Carcass of a Bull on Top of My Remains..."

Can’t say when I’ve been more surprised.  One minute I’m waking up on the couch with my head feeling like I’m on one of them Tilt a’ Whirl rides.  Then there’s this big-ass explosion and I’m like 'What the -- " And bam!  I'm dead.  Just like that. 

Damn, the place is a mess.  Whole front window's blown out, half the wall, too.  Sheriff and fire guys milling around…

Molly’s standing over by the TV in her bathrobe crying.  Yeah, she should be.  I wouldn’t have been sleeping on the couch if she wasn’t such an unreasonable woman.   Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have stayed for that last round at McKinley’s.  Guess I can finally assure her it won’t happen again.

They’re saying it was some twisters just north of here.  Big suckers and fast-moving.  Barely got the sirens on before they whipped around and headed this way.  Bull belongs to Bill Wolich just down the road.  His place got leveled.  Suppose I should be grateful Molly still has a roof over her head.

Still…  Hell of a way to go. 

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