Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Back!  By no demand whatsoever…


Dear Jeb, please withdraw from your sad little run for the presidency.  It’s truly painful to watch you sink lower and lower on the food chain with every passing day.  Your latest slogan, “Jeb Can Fix It,” was roadkill even before the pre-school signage went up.  If only you’d stayed out of the public eye after Florida, we all could have continued in our delusion that you were the smart brother.  Alas, some things are just not fixable.


Christ on a Cup!

Dear Incensed Christians, God does not give one single crap about Starbucks’ choice of plain red holiday coffee cups this year, so why all the outrage?  “Starbucks is cleansing Christianity from Christmas!”  Seriously?   It’s not like in past years we’ve been served our gingerbread lattes in cups bearing a Nativity scene.  How is a winking snowman or a sledding dog more Christ-like?  Your silliness is an embarrassment to serious Christians.  You know, the ones who hold Christ in their heart and not on a cup. 


Keystone Pipeline a Done Deal

And by “done deal” I mean that deal is done the hell over, baby.  The idea was always a big goose egg for the U.S.  Sure there would have been temporary jobs building the pipeline, and probably a lot more jobs cleaning up after the destructive spills that were sure to follow, but the oil itself was always going to be shipped and sold overseas.  So frack you, oil lobby. 


There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Let's hear it for hunky new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who, when asked why his cabinet was comprised of 50% women, replied, "Because it’s 2015."  

Where do I sign up?  


Happy Endings

If, like me, you were one of those folks sobbing at the photo of Lana, “the saddest dog in the world” that went viral recently, you’ll be happy to know that Lana has been placed in a foster home where she will receive all the training she needs to integrate into a loving fur-ever home soon.  



And finally, here it is.  Your moment of smut…

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