Sunday, October 11, 2009

injaynesworld last week was "A Big Fat Bummer"

Because cheering America’s loss of the Olympics wasn’t loathsome enough, the Republicans found they still had enough vitriol to trash the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an American president and vote against a law that would allow employees of U.S. defense contractors (Halliburton) who are raped to bring charges without fear of reprisals.   In the actual case that triggered this legislation, a female employee of Dick Cheney’s biggest source of income was gang-raped, then locked in a shipping container without food and water and threatened with reprisals if she reported the incident.   Fortunately, decency prevailed and the law passed.  Here is a link to the story which names the 30  apparently pro-rape Republicans should you want to drop them a line and, may I just add, kudos to the party of “family values.”

Also in the news…

NASA crashed a rocket into the moon as if we owned it and had the right to do such a thing.  This is the type of arrogance I thought had exited along with the Bush administration.   Obviously, we still have some cleaning up to do.

Letterman and J & K (they’re not even interesting enough anymore for me to spell out their names) continued to vie for scandal of the week.   Ho-hum. 

And after a whole week, Khloé Kardashian is still married.   Raise your hands if you care. 

If any of you found something newsworthy this past week that actually made you laugh, I beg you to please share, because I’ve just had to double up on my Prozac. 


Kristi said...

Did you hear? Mary Cheney has left her political consulting firm to open her own firm. Word on the street is that Liz (I channel Satan) Cheney and Dick (I am Satan) Cheney will join her to form Cheney Cheney Cheney. Barf.


Unknown said...

I happened upon an interview with the "J" part...whining about where did the money go? He only took $177,000 to fund his vehicles (presumably not his only "rides" he's footing the bill for.) Then he goes on to tell the entire world how much they've made off their public and sick lifestyle! Woah! I need to get myself a dysfunctional family and quick! 2 point something million? As soon as TLC drops what's left of them, they'll be on the dole and then guess who will be supporting them? Yep, you and me. Cause K is gonna run out of shit to cry about any day now, and J is just too pathetic to begin with. Guess I better get a second job cause 8 kids...that's a lot of mouths to feed.

Word up, America: if by now you don't know living your life on a reality show will tear down your family, well, you are either an Osborne (props to them for still being together) or you need to stick your head back in the sand. You obviously aren't ready for the world.

And that's my take on this week.

Ooooh, but I AM excited to see the President making a positive stand about gays in the military! Right on, Mr. President!

Linda Medrano said...

Oh and the lovely boy, Michael Vick is getting his own reality show! Isn't that simply ducky. I'll be sure to let Harry and Honey watch. He's getting paid big bucks for this. I just now figured out J&K. Funny what alcohol does to the brain cells! Another excellent post! Thanks Jayne!

Lucy said...

The 30 Republicans who were against this law...

Well, I have no words. How do they sleep at night?

laughykate said...

Does NASA even care about the man on the moon ?

Jayne Martin said...

Kate: My favorite family reality show is "Family Jewels" with Gene Simmons of KISS. Seriously.
Kristi: Mary Cheney, the lesbian Cheney daughter (oh, let me repeat that because he feels so good) the lesbian Cheney daughter, is knocked up again so that makes Liz "Aunty Satan."
Linda: Set to air on the PBN (Pitbull Network) ie will involve Vick being repeatedly electrocuted, shot, and beaten and will be sponsored by PETA.
Lucy: It's not hard to sleep when you have no conscience.
laughykate: Apparently, not. Or his little moon wife and kids, either.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I enjoy Family Jewels, too. Especially since it takes Gene from being a legend in his own mind to a The kids are hysterically funny. Nick busts his old man's balls more than Shannon or her sister for that matter!

That's why I loved the Osbornes. It was straight up how they lived as a family. Granted, like a family with LOTS of money, but still, A FAMILY. Plus, they cuss as much as me. ;-)

Unknown said...

It seems incredible they'd have to change the law to let people report rapes ... these big companies have far too much power.

I'm trying to think of anything that caught my eye this week, umm .... still not awake I'll get back to you on that lol

Adam said...

Hi Jayne! Here's my favorite for the week: . Oh, and apparently Obama has been making promises for the gay community (again)

Adam (

Jayne Martin said...

Lucy: Rachel Maddow did a brilliant piece this week on the right wingnuts hateful reactions to Obama's win. Worth looking for on MSNBC or Daily Kos.
Kate: Incredible is a good word for it. Shameful is another. And so begins another day of me being pissed off.
Adam: Saw this. Classic SNL. Brilliant piece. Hope the Prez saw it. Thank you for your comments everyone.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i think the ... NO WAY moment for me was seeing that a 4 month old baby was denied medical insurance because he is fat.

Jane Lively said...

Dare I ask, who Khloé Kardashian is? I have a feeling I'm better off not knowing.

Jayne Martin said...

Kim Kardashian's less attractive (points for kindness here) sister. Must Google to appreciate. They have a reality show on E Entertainment channel called Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Clearly, you are not addicted to all things trashy as I am.

Ann Imig said...

You need a little Terri Gross right now.

Entertaining, but not too.

Calm, yet spunky.

Interesting, not intimidating.

And more than likely Jewish and left wing.


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