Sunday, November 29, 2009

injaynesworld a short, but sweet "Sunday Recap..."

Not that there wasn't just a bunch of stuff to write about.  Blonds took center stage, first with White House party crasher/wanna-be reality star, Michaele Salahi & hubby, and then not-to-be-outdone, Elin Woods, wife of Tiger, who wailed on his ass for cheating on her.

And giving brunettes a bad  name, Sarah Palin, the quintessential quitter, did it again, this time dropping out of a 5K "turkey trot" race on Thanksgiving Day because "she wanted to avoid the crowds waiting for her at the end."  Oh, yeah... because here's a woman who definitely goes out of her way to avoid attention.

But here's my personal favorite:  

Dubbed "Geezer Bandit" for his robbery of several banks in the San Diego area, if anyone deserves his own reality show, it's this guy... I see a book and movie deal, too.  In fact, I may just give him this week's "Golden Balls" award.  

Holiday happenings and my real job make this a shorter than usual "Recap," but I'm not going to feel guilty about it and tomorrow you'll find out why.

If you leave a comment the calories you consumed this week won't count.


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Ha! The blondes really take the sweepstakes this week. Both of those stories are going to keep us entertained and horrified for a long time...unless Tiger is able to buy his way out of this.

Jan said...

Hi Jane,

Hopefully I did this right. LOVE the "Geezer Bandit"! Looks like he's in his nineties!

Jayne Martin said...

Latest word on Tiger is he was on his way to the jeweler to "do a Kobe" and buy her "a house for her finger." Good for her! Wonder if she used a 9 iron on him.

gayle said...

I can't wait to hear more!!
Now here's hoping that my calories don't count ...I wish!!

Stephanie said...

Arrrrg. Sarah Palin again.

Jayne Martin said...

Yes, Stephanie... Sarah Palin - Good for comedy, bad for a queasy stomach.

laughykate said...

What is it with reality-show-wannabes? One lot claiming to lose their son up, up and away and the other is crashing White House knees ups.

Beth said...

Pooh on Palin... I ran a Turkey Trot and there were no crowds at the end. Everyone wanted to get home to get ready for the Thanksgiving feast.

She is just full of excuses.

Linda Medrano said...

Dayam! Re: Tiger - Wouldn't you hate to have all your business put out on the street, (unless you are the one putting it there?

Re: Party crashers! Jail time and job losses would be appropriate for all responsible!

Re: Sarah. Uh, who cares?

Best Wishes, Marie said...

does that cap have this insignia of the navy ship he was assigned to ???

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Commenting eliminates excess calories? Who knew it could be so easy. Thanks, Jayne.

Tiffany said...

His own reality show... perfect. Hey, its not like any jail sentence would be too long anyway!

Thanks for the comment on my blog- I loved your red carpet idea- how fun!!

The Peach Tart said...

yes the blondes seem to be in the limelight

Pearl said...

I love the pass Tiger seems to get. Who else could tell the cops they'll call them tomorrow, that they're napping?!

And Palin? She makes me queasy.


Kristi said...

All these years I've been threatening my man with a hammer... I think I need to upgrade.

Is there nothing Palin won't quit except talking?

Now, regarding this party crasher thing... not funny... who ever let that happen, needs to be FIRED. There are WAY too many crazies out there to let anyone without clearence near the President.


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