Sunday, July 11, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

Friday was "Cow Appreciation Day."  Who knew?

Although, considering all they do for us, it doesn’t seem so much to ask.   The Chick-fil-A restaurant chain honored bovines everywhere by offering a free chicken entrée  to anyone who showed up dressed in a cow costume.  

I’ve never heard of Chick-fil-A, but as any of my friends will tell you I’m a ho for free food.   Refreshments served?   I’m there.  “Yes, your Uncle Lou looks so peaceful.”

Sadly, no Chick-fil-A in my neighborhood, but lots of cows.  Maybe I’ll just go gaze into those big brown eyes, say “Thanks,” and then go get some McNuggets. 


A warning to moms everywhere...

Sure your son is cute at five, but unless you want him to grow up to be this guy you'd be smart to instill some self-sufficiency in him starting now.  

A 29-year-old man, still living at home with his parents, pulled a gun on his mother and held her hostage when she refused to iron his clothes, telling her "Ironing is woman's work."

Okay, is it me or does this guy look like his parents might have been just a little too closely related?   

Seriously, when Christmas rolls around and junior asks for a toy truck, you might want to slip Santa a $20 and tell him to bring a toy iron, too.

Oh, and people -- 18 is the luggage birthday. 


You can have your sissified World Cup…

If you want to see some serious competition, the Summer Redneck Games in Dublin, Georgia this week was the place to be.   Pictured here is last year’s winner of the mud pit belly-flop contest.  That’s gotta hurt.

The one-day extravaganza also features armpit serenade, watermelon seed spitting and “redneck horseshoes” played with toilet seats.  Yes, sir-ree… You cain’t say these folks don’t know how to have a good time.  And the coveted prize for each of these events?   A half-crushed, mounted beer can.   Hoo-Wee!

Now before you think I’m all looking down my snooty “liberal elite nose,” right here in my own Santa Ynez Valley we have a yearly fundraiser called “Cow Chip Bingo” where the high school football field is divided into numbered squares, three cows are set loose and if a cow dumps its chips on your square you win.   

So you see, the rednecks and I do have something in common.   Now if only I could get them to vote blue. 


A step forward for Civil Rights… 

This week a federal judge in Massachusetts ruled against DOMA (“The Defense of Marriage Act,” a truly despicable legacy of the Clinton administration) which defines marriage as “…a legal union only between one man and one woman as husband and wife. ”  The judge cited the 10th Amendment in the Constitution, which says that powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are the powers of the states or the people.

In other words, the feds had no power to enact DOMA in the first place.  Only the states may decide marriage issues and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, who brought the suit, legalized same-sex marriage in 2005.

The judge also ruled that DOMA violates equal protection guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.   Seven married couples and three widowers alleged that they have been subject to higher taxes and a lack of health and survivor benefits compared to that of heterosexual married couples.

What does this mean?    Once a state makes a ruling in favor of marriage equality, the federal government must bestow all the same federal benefits on a gay couple that it bestows upon heterosexual couples in that particular state. 

Those fine folks in the Tea Party who are so vocally opposed to what they complain of as the “overreach of federal government power” should be applauding this decision. 

Somehow, I won’t be holding my breath.  


And finally, Happy Birthday Ringo Starr…

Who turned the big 7-0 this week.   Un-freakin-believable!   Seen here performing “With A Little Help From My Friends” at Radio City Music Hall with Sir Paul McCartney, the boys show they've still got it.  Enjoy…

Comments “light my fire…”  Name that band. 

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