Wednesday, November 17, 2010

injaynesworld it's a "Dancing With The Stars Shoot-Out..."

In Wisconsin, a 67-year-old man was so enraged after watching Bristol’s thundering attempt at the Paso Doble on Monday night that he took his shotgun and blasted his television, then turned the gun on his wife who managed to escape.   

Okay.  I’m not that pissed off, but…

The phones banks of the Sarah Palin fan base have once again saved Bristol’s lumbering ass.  If you’ve been following this season, you’ve seen it happen over and over, but it’s still shocking when mediocrity trumps excellence and I think it sends a lousy message to young people that once again, “It’s who you know, not what you know.”

According to news reports, conservative author/radio host Tammy Bruce put out this message to her 14,000 followers Monday night:

"Operation Bristol waltzes in tonight! As #DWTS starts vote at Tweeps pls tweet phone info, will RT."

"Operation Bristol" has been posted and re-posted by websites like Conservatives4Palin and us4Palin.

Meanwhile, pop singer Brandy, who’d received 10s for her dances on Monday night and has consistently and deservedly been in the top three couples, was sent packing.   

You’d think at some point, the Operation Bristol people would start to feel a bit of shame.    You’d think Bristol, fully knowing what’s going on, would have shown some integrity Tuesday night by thanking everyone for the opportunity she’s had and graciously removing herself from the competition.   Just imagine if she’d done that.  It’s all anyone would have been talking about for weeks.   Overnight, she’d have become the media sensation she clearly longs to be and earned the respect of even the Palin family’s harshest critics.   I think her star might have even eclipsed her mother’s and, best of all for Bristol, she’d finally be standing in her own light.  

But then, coming from the family that she does, where would she have ever learned integrity?  

Agree?  Disagree?   I know you have an opinion…

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