Sunday, November 14, 2010

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There’s an app for the clap...

You've gotta love the Brits.  In an effort to combat the spread of STDs among its randy
youth too shy to visit a doctor, the U.K. government has spent $6.5 million to develop a
computer chip that you pee on, insert into your smart phone and it will tell you if that
itchy, burning sensation down yonder is something to worry about or just the result of
poor hygiene.

The test will cost about $2.00 and be available in condom vending machines.   No word as to whether it notifies everyone on your contact list if you’re positive, but Norton Anti-Virus is rumored to working on an app that will clear things right up for you.


Been wondering where to take the family on that next vacation?

How about a visit to the Khalid Nabi penis cemetery in the fun-filled country of Iran?  The centuries old graveyard boasts over 600 phallic headstones of various heights.  Yes, even back then apparently size was an issue.  

While very little research has been done on the site, its thought that the genitalia-adorned graves are left over from a phallic worshiping religion once practiced in the region.

Not exactly your Disney theme park, however the cemetery is attracting tourists from all over the world who come to have their pictures taken with the old, stone dicks. 

In the U.S. we just visit Washington


And speaking of dicks...

The Decider is back and hawking his memoir, “Decision Points…”

On water boarding, Bush said he authorized the water boarding of two CIA prisoners, that it was legal and he’d do it again.  When asked by Matt Lauer what made him think it was legal, he replied, “Because the lawyer said it was legal.” 

Must have been the esteemed law firm of “Flipper & Shamu.”


What would you pay for Bernie Madoff’s boxers?

The undies are just one of the items of Madoff’s personal possessions up for auction to raise funds for reimbursing the victims of one of the most impressive, albeit egregious, scams of all time.   Seriously, though… the guy didn’t even get to take his underwear?   That seems kind of cold.   I bet the prison-issue ones aren’t nearly as comfy.

I hope they’re at least autographed and, of course, I’m assuming they’ve been washed.


And finally, apropos of absolutely nothing except my reverence for the twisted…

 “South Park” kills off Justin Bieber…

I think my work here is done...

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