Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Islam’s answer to Rick Perry...

Muslims the world over are hanging their heads in embarrassment over an Islamic cleric’s recent ban on women touching bananas, carrots and cucumbers, citing their resemblance to male genitalia and thus a danger of "sexual thoughts."   I, personally, have never seen a green penis, nor one that could be peeled.  The only orange one that might qualify is John Boehner’s.  

Should Muslim women wish to eat these items, a male must cut the offending produce up into small pieces out of sight of the woman and serve it -- and we all know how eager Muslim men are to wait on their women.  

Some religious leaders have denounced the cock-obsessed cleric as giving Islam a bad name.  Others have called him “retarded” – giving the mentally challenged a bad name. 

Meanwhile, women in other parts of the Muslim world can still be raped as long as they marry their rapists.   No problem there.


Here in the U.S. we have our own special way of making sure women know their place by starting their indoctrination young…

Teach your little girl to aspire to the domestic service industry this Christmas with “My Little Trolley” cleaning cart. 

But always remember her true calling as a sex object with Pole Dancer Patty…

And because it’s never too soon for a little girl to start obsessing about her boobies, “Breastfeeding Baby,” comes complete with sucking sounds.

Photo credits:  Huffington Post.


This just makes me sad…

The only Lindsay Lohan twins I want to see are these.


For a positive role model, look no further than Hillary Clinton…

… who this week gave a historic speech in Geneva where she declared “… protection of human rights for gay people will now be a priority of U.S. foreign policy,” tying it to the receipt of U.S. foreign aid.   Notice the standing ovation.  There's something you don't often see for a U.S. representative.

Getty image

Thank you, Madame President.  Uh… “Secretary.”   


Our congratulations to Rosie O’Donnell…

… who announced her engagement to partner, Michelle Rounds this week.  The couple will marry in New York where the nuptials are legal, while Obama’s opinion on same-sex marriage continues to “evolve.”


And it looks the Newt Gingrich may be the GOP’s date to the prom.

Meanwhile, Mitt snagged a major endorsement this week from former vice-president, Dan Quayle.  Remember him?   The genius who apparently didn’t know that “Murphy Brown” was a fictional character.


And for all of those still delusional enough to believe the Republican Party gives a flying crap about them…

Unless, of course, you happen to be a fetus.  Out of the womb?  Out of luck.


And finally, in the spirit of the season…

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