Tuesday, December 6, 2011

injaynesworld we are now "Suitable for Giving..."

The best of IJW, according to your comments, is now “Suitable for Giving.”   The most fun about putting together this compilation of 19 essays from the last two years, was reading all your comments again. You’re a funny bunch.   You should write blogs.

The book is called “Suitable for Giving” because it’s Christmas and you have to buy gifts anyway.  Could I be any more obvious?   I considered naming it “Tales from a Size 4 Ass,” but that just didn’t seem in keeping with the spirit of the season, and I worried people might confuse it with one of those celebrity diet books.  

Each month, I’ll be selecting a different group to receive a portion of the profits.   For the month of December, I’m donating $1/paperback and .50/e-book to Elayne Boosler’s “Tails of Joy” pet rescue.    It’s a small organization with no paid staff.   Just Elayne and her desire to make a difference in the lives of animals.  

So, come on.  How long has it been since you replaced that old reading material in your bathroom?   And really, who doesn’t want a good laugh when they’re sitting on the throne? 

One more thing… None of this writing would have been possible without your support, encouragement and friendship.    You all literally helped me find my voice again.   If I could step through my computer and hug each one of you I would… Well, some of you… Nah.  I really wouldn’t do that, but do believe me when I say I am so very, very grateful.

Thank you.

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