Friday, March 23, 2012

injaynesworld it's "A Mother's Gift..."

The black, starless sky merges with the still body of water, creating the illusion of one.  Lit only by a single moonbeam, the bare arm of a woman reaches from beneath the water’s dark surface, creating a gentle circle of ripples. In her hand, an infant held high and safe from that which its mother could not survive. 

When I think of my mother, this is the image that comes to mind.  A struggling alcoholic for much of her life, she traded that addiction for cancer and died when she was only 54.   I was grown by then.   At 22, I had been on my own for three years.  My mother had poured all that was good, wise and strong from her into me so that I would thrive, and when she was sure I was on solid ground, she left. 

One of her greatest gifts to me was the belief that there was nothing I couldn’t be or do.  “There’s always a way,” she would often tell me.   By this she meant that whatever the challenge, there was always a way to overcome it.  I didn’t have to invent the way.  It already existed.  I had only to believe it was so, and believe I did and do to this day.   Given her own pain, I don’t know where this faith and optimism came from, but she was determined that I would succeed where she had not.

Today is my mother’s birthday.   She would have been 94.   Thank you, Mom.  You done good.

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