Sunday, March 25, 2012

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At a network where “ignorant” has so become the norm as to have lost all meaning, this week Faux News pundit Geraldo Rivera still managed to distinguish himself…

Proclaiming that the hoodie Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was gunned down was “as much to blame” for his killing as the guy who pulled the trigger boggles the mind and even caused Rivera’s own son to publicly declare him a douche.   Well, maybe not in so many words, but “I’m ashamed of you,” isn’t exactly the ringing endorsement you want from your kid.   

When I look at Martin’s Facebook photo, I see the face of a million other kids trying to look cool, except this kid’s skin happens to be black.  Personally, I’d rather walk down the street and see Trayvon Martin in his hoodie than these kids in theirs. 

“As much to blame?”  Yeah.  And women in short skirts are “asking for it,” too.


The National Organization of (Our) Marriage (Not Yours)…

is at it again with a campaign to boycott Starbucks this time  – because their boycott of J.C. Penney worked out sooo well.  The group has taken great umbrage to Starbucks’ corporate stance supporting same-sex marriage and now they want customers of the coffee giant to take their dark-roast lovin’ dollars elsewhere. 

In a statement, NOM said:  “… Starbucks has deeply offended at least half of its U.S. customers, and a vast majority of its international customers.”  That would be news to Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden, all countries where same-sex marriage is legal and Starbucks is doing just fine. 

Last I checked, their petition had garnered about 2300 signatures out of approximately 300,000,000 people in the U.S.   Let’s see, that would be...  Oh, hell.  You do the math


Romney shakened...

As if Romney wasn’t having a bad enough week after his own campaign staffer assured the world that if you like Etch-A-Sketch, you’ll love Romney’s fall campaign…

Source:  The Daily Kos
… Now a new Public Policy Poll shows that even George W. Bush is more popular than Romney, with Bush at 79% favorable and 15% unfavorable to Romney’s 49/42% ratio.   

Yeah, this guy.

Behold – The Snatchel.  

Outraged by the GOP’s legislative intrusion into our most private parts, The Snatchel Project is asking women to send congressmen their very own knitted vaginas with the message that, unless by personal invitation, we want them to stay the hell away from ours.  

Pissed off by the continued stripping of women’s health care rights, these smart, funny women are making the point that we are not going to take this lying down.  So, cozy up to this, assholes. 


You all know I’m a ho for free stuff…

My friends over at Tribal Blogs are giving away – YES, GIVING AWAY – a FREE blog makeover to one lucky person.  You’d pay a bundle for a package like this elsewhere, so head on over there and enter their generous giveaway.  These gals do great work.   Check out the website they did for me: where, coincidentally, you can read about and buy my book.   Okay, I’m a ho for self-promotion, too.  


Finally, this week Twitter celebrated its 6th anniversary of giving us all the bird.  Celebrities marked the occasion by reading aloud some of the meanest tweets they’ve ever received.  Enjoy…

Your comments are better than sex and almost as good as chocolate... 

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