Monday, July 22, 2013

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The lace curtain rose and fell like a single wing upon the gentle morning breeze as she sat at her desk looking out on the serene little valley still shrouded in clouds.  A gentle rain had come in the  night, “Camelot” rain she called it, and the earth, parched from an assault of intense summer heat, seemed to exhale with relief.

It was unusually quiet, as if time had simply stopped in place, waiting for humanity to cease its endless disharmony, withholding that which we all seek more of until we learn to appreciate that which we have. 

She wished for more faith in mankind, but the years had taught her that knowledge and wisdom were not the same, and that age could just as easily further ignorance as bring enlightenment. 

As patches of clear blue began to weave their way through the dense gray cover, her hands moved across the keyboard, “A mind clouded in fear will reject everything unlike itself.”

From the Five Sentence Fiction prompt “Wisdom.”

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