Friday, July 26, 2013

injaynesworld "Today Is All There Is..."

I bloom for one day and then I’m gone.   For only one short day am I to feel the sun upon my face.  Imagine…

Look at how beautiful I was created.   See all that I offer up so freely to the world.   For hummingbirds, bees and tiny insects I provide nourishment and a place to land and rest, while for others who happen by it is their soul that is nourished just by the sight of me. 

Yet, for many, my appearance and passing matter not, so busy are their minds fretting over things that may never happen, creating conflicts that don’t exist, and living in a virtual world while missing so many miracles of their own.

I wonder if they would spend their lifetime any differently if they knew it was as finite as mine.

This beauty blooms in my garden once a year in July.  I’ve been fortunate to witness it for the two years that I have lived here.    

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