Monday, February 3, 2014

injaynesworld we are "Still Only Temporarily Insane..."

“Temporary Insanity.”  A term bandied about mostly by those who have plunged a knife into the heart of a cheating spouse.  Oops! 

As opposed to another favorite of mine, “bad judgment,” mostly professed by the spouse who cheated. 

The older I get, the more instances I have where I am convinced that I have lost my mind.  It has always tended to wander but, until recently, could usually be counted on to return of its own volition.  These days I often have to go in search for it. 

Recently, I intended to take some carrots to my horses at the barn where they are boarded.  I walked out of my house to my car, got in, and realized I had forgotten the key.  I walked back to my house, got the key, got in the car, drove to the barn where I realized I had forgotten the carrots.  I wanted to self-mutilate.

I sometimes wonder how soon these moments, only individual pearls now, will one day form a complete necklace.   When temporary will become permanent and Jayne, as we know her, will have left the building.  Fortunately, I seem, for the time being anyway, to be absent of any of the violent behavior often associated with the “insanity” part of the equation, except when channel surfing accidently lands me on the Fox Network and I have an overwhelming urge to throw a brick through my TV screen.   But that would just be bad judgment. 

Google has invented glasses that allow you to watch yourself when having sex; the ultimate gift for the narcissist.   Still, it gives me hope that our rapidly advancing technology will soon come up with a way to keep my wandering mind in the “temporary” zone, at least for a little while longer.

This post is day three of the third annual“30 Minus 2 Days of Writing,” brought to you by those sadistic fucks fun folks, Nicky and Mike, over at We Work forCheese.  Go over there and check out the other lunatics who agreed to participate.  

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