Thursday, December 4, 2014

injaynesworld it's "A California Christmas..."

Deck the deck with fake snow garland

It’s Christmas in California and, despite how superior we feel to those of you digging out from under four feet of snow while we’re still working on our tan, we have to admit to a little bit Christmas envy.

Images of people bundled in parkas, donned with faux fur-trimmed hats and thick, warm gloves carrying home the family tree amidst flurries of falling snow taunt us.  Even your department store Santas are jollier than ours who must labor under layers of padding and heavy wool suits, in eighty-degree weather, listening to kids asking for Beach Bunny Barbie.

This week we had some rain and wind. The temperature plunged to a punishing fifty degrees, finally awakening my Christmas spirit.  While there is no room in my tiny abode for the massive trees of Christmas pasts, I’ve made do once again with my new tradition – The Christmas Pole. I do miss the fresh pine scent of a real tree, but I love that my Ace Hardware garland came pre-lit, and remind myself that that’s why God created Glade.

The sun is out today and my tomato plants are still flourishing, but tonight when my sky is as dark as yours, I’ll be sipping hot eggnog and dreaming of a white Christmas. 

Christmas shopping is as easy as clicking here.  

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