Saturday, December 20, 2014

injaynesworld "A Light Burns..."

Upon a steep hill, not far away
A twinkling light shone through the trees’ sway
It was strangely enticing
I tried to resist
If I failed to return
Would I even be missed?

And so onward I went, each foot deep in snow
Yet the light kept retreating as if telling me “no”
I don't understand!
I screamed through the dark
I’ve been walking for hours!
Yet my feet had left no mark

It was true; behind me the path smooth as cream
I wondered aloud, am I trapped in a dream?
Then a voice spoke out
So gentle and clear
The light which you seek
Is clouded by fear

Before me a glow of such brightness I fell
Look inside, my child; you’ve a story to tell
A story?  But no one listens to me.
To all those who search for a light from above
My message through you is simple
Go forth in love

Be a beacon for others and you’ll not lack a friend
For no light burns brighter than that from within
There is nothing to fear
That you don’t self-create
Choose faith over darkness
Love over hate

May the light that is Christmas burn bright in your heart all through the year.  Merry Christmas, my friends. 

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