Sunday, December 27, 2009

injaynesworld it's time for the "Sunday Recap..."

Starting off with something I meant to write yesterday…  Despite the efforts of retailers anxious to push us on to Valentine’s Day, Christmas is not over.  Christmas day is the beginning and not the culmination of the Christmas season which actually ends on January 6th, the day known in Christianity as The Epiphany.  Hence “The Twleve Days of Christmas.”  Growing up, my mother always referred to January 6th as “Little Christmas” and on that day we would exchange one last small gift.   So whether you celebrate The Epiphany or consider it your final chance to collect more loot, my point is you can choose to keep Christmas in your heart and home for another 10 days.   Then, really, it has to go.


Moving on now, in the “no-points-lost-for-bad-behavior” category, this week Tiger Woods was voted both PGA Tour Player of the Year (presumably that was the Skank Tour), and Golfer of the Year… because nothing says “champ” like a ho in one.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams was a landslide choice as Female Athlete of the Year by members of The Associated Press, despite her infamous tirade at a line judge after a disputed call.  With the characteristic humility of the entitled, Williams said, “People realize that I’m a great player, and one moment doesn’t define a person’s career.”   No, Serena, just their character.

Finally, Michael Vick has been voted the Ed Block Courage Award by his teammates for “exemplifying commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage” citing his inspiring road back to the NFL after a much-too-short prison stint for the brutal torture and killing of hundreds of innocent dogs.  It would seem no coincidence that a recent study has shown widespread incidents of brain damage among players in the NFL, presumably affecting the areas associated with good judgment and decency.

All three expressed disappointment on missing out on the coveted “Role Model of the Year Award,” which went to Kanye West. 


If you were the lucky recipient of jewelry this year, you might want to give it a closer look.  The Bloomington, Illinois zoo has netted a cool $21,000 selling necklaces and Christmas ornaments made from… wait for it… reindeer dung.   The droppings are dehydrated, sterilized, spray-painted with glitter and called “Magical Reindeer Gems,” giving a whole new meaning to the term “a really crappy gift.”


Because my home state of California isn’t already known as the land of nut jobs, here comes those fun Tea Bagger folks to pile on even more of the crazy.  Clearly frustrated in their attempt to convince people that the government was out to kill granny, The Glenn Beck Choir of Loons is now partnering with churches to gather signatures for a ballot initiative which would require children to sing Christmas carols at school, imposing penalties on schools that don’t comply.   You can’t make this stuff up…


This week’s “Golden Balls” Award goes to Senator Al Franken for effectively telling Joe LIEberman to STFU by objecting to LIEberman’s request for more time to rant against the proposed Senate health care bill.   Immediately, hypocritical old fart John McCain rose to his feet in indignation:  In all his years in the Senate he had never seen such disgraceful behavior!  Really, John?   Let’s just take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?   October, 2002, the debate on a little matter of going to war in Iraq.  Democratic Senator Mark Dayton asks for 30 additional seconds to finish his remarks to which Senator McCain replied (and give me a moment, because I want to be absolutely accurate here -- oh yeah…) “I object.”


Finally, a little plug for my good friend Kristi Stevens at Stepford Stories who’s doing her first giveaway for a chance to win a $200 Visa Gift Card.  Lest you think too highly of me for pimping my friend’s blog, I feel compelled to let you know that I get another entry just for posting this… and I’m nothing if not self-serving.

If you leave a comment you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to my general, overall feeling of well-being…

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