Tuesday, December 15, 2009

injaynesworld we come packaged in "A Plain Brown Wrapper..."

I’m starting to get a complex about my blog template.   It’s lacking all the bells and whistles I see on those of others.  The fabulous colors and designs, cute little cartoon characters, slide shows…  Me?  I’m just a plain, brown wrapper.  When I was a child I lived with taunts of “plain Jane,” so in the 8th grade I added the “y” to my name and bleached my hair.   Then I was called slutty.   Much better…  Some blogs are virtual carnival rides.  The fun never ends.  Buttons for this, buttons for that.   Buttons I’m afraid to press because who knows where the hell I’ll end up and if I’d need a GPS to find my way back.  

Would you like to know what books I read…?    I actually think that widget is pretty cool.

Music I listen to…?    I can’t listen to music and read at the same time, but maybe you can.

Recent Tweets I’ve made…?    Had this once.  Suppose I could put it back, but if you really cared wouldn’t you just go on Twitter?  

I recently received an Honest Scrap Award, but I had to promise to write out 10 things about myself and share them.  I said I’d do it, but I won’t.  I did, however, keep the award.  Truth is, I’m not all that interesting.   And I don’t like to share.  Well, there.  That’s one bit of info about me. 

I’ve remodeled this place a bit.  Look around.   You’ll see I’ve spread out some.   Yep.  Got me a bar on both sides now.   It’s been kind of like moving from a one to a  two-bedroom apartment.  At first you’re all excited at the thought of all that extra room.  Then, inevitably, you just end up filling it with more crap and you’re right back where you started.   I think my BlogHer ad looks pretty cool though.  Always wanted one of those.  It make me look big-time to my friends and family who don’t know any better.   I also added a link to the “Tails of Joy” animal rescue site because I like animals more than I like most humans.   Well, damn… I guess that makes two things you now know about me.   

I moved my “Blasts from the past…” over to the right side to balance out the room a bit.   Can’t believe I’ve been writing here just since August.   My first piece, “Solo At Sixty,” only had one comment.   I wondered if anyone would ever show up.  But I wrote it and you came (with apologies to “Field of Dreams”).

I can’t remember where I found that little “Writing Tip of the Day” thingy and I’ve got no idea who makes that stuff up, but what writer can’t use a little advice on a daily basis?    Now the “recent visitors” widget – that’s something I’m really stoked about.  Just try sneaking in and out of here undetected.  I will track you down and wail on your ass if you don’t leave a comment or deposit your tiny head over there with the others on the left.    And I’m nothing if not a persistent nag.   (Hey, there’s number three.)   It’s no coincidence that all my friends are on the “left” either

My “Red Dot Society” intrigues the hell out of me.   Last week I had a visitor from Ho Chi Minh City!    Who in Ho Chi Minh City would give a crap about what I’m writing ?   Still, I was thrilled.   Before that I had someone from Islamabad who hung around for days.  Then there was some bombing in the news, the dot disappeared and I got all worried.  If you’re reading this my little dot from Islamabad please come back and let me know you’re okay.   Favorite book, “Three Cups of Tea,” the true story of a man who establishes schools for women in rural areas of Pakistan.   And that looks like number four to me.   Hmm… this sharing business isn’t nearly as painful as I anticipated.

Moving over to the left sidebar there’s just the usual stuff.   Well, wait.  There is one thing new.   I added a “donate” button.   I’ve seen these on some other blogs and thought, “That is just so tacky.”   But then I reconsidered because really, who’s tackier than I am?   And that counts as five.

I would be remiss if I did not give a special mention to the nice awards people have given me.   I’m very honored, and you can click on each one and be taken to a space sure to entertain and delight you.

So that’s the tour.   If you’ve got some other decorating ideas, let me know.   I think I can make room.  Oh, and I know I only shared five things instead of ten, but I wasn’t going to share a damn thing so no complaining.  

If you leave a comment I won’t have to track you down and embarrass you in public...

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