Thursday, December 10, 2009

injaynesworld "Redheads Have Balls..."

Redheads and Dobermans… two things you never want to mess with.

However, in this case you can mess with the balls all you want.  You may touch them.  You may smell them.  You may pop one in your mouth and savor its sweet after-taste.
Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I'm nothing if not a ho for free food, so when fellow redhead Jennifer Brown of asked for volunteers to try her homemade bourbon balls, I jumped up and down like the second-to-last kid left in line on team sports day shouting, “Pick me!  Pick me!”  

While clearly not on the “poverty-and-stress” diet to which I’ve been so dedicated, in the spirit of It’s-Christmas-What-The-Hell I powered those puppies down.   Oh, yes… Um-hmm…  Soooo worth it. 

From recipes handed down from her grandmother, Jennifer clearly crafts these treats with a legacy of love.   The bourbon balls are made with real bourbon and from the taste of them, she uses the good stuff, too.  I’m not planning on driving for the rest of the day.   These rich, moist morsels, rolled lightly in powdered sugar, are so over-the-moon delicious you will want to hoard them from your spouse and blame the cat for their disappearance. 

Also included in her repertoire of sinfully-scrumptious fare are a dark chocolate fudge to die for and festively-decorated, crisp little sugar cookies.   She packages these  individually or in combinations and offers free shipping.   Now you can send friends and family “homemade” goodies and not be lying through your teeth.   Check out her site for pricing and other details:  

I believe in supporting other bloggers, especially multi-talented ones like Jennifer.  So while you’re over there eying-and-buying her cookies, be sure and read her recent hysterical piece, “I Slept With Tiger.”  It had me running for a change of Depends.

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