Sunday, April 18, 2010

injaynesworld "Sunday Recap..."

We lead off with yet another celebrity break-up and cheating scandal…

Am I the only one who thinks these guys are just trying to outdo each other?  This time it’s 76-year-old Larry King who’s been allegedly humping the 45-year-old sister of his 50-year-old wife.  Got all that?  Apparently, King’s wife became suspicious when she checked his credit card receipts and found several lavish gifts including a $160,000 car.

I’m just blown away by the fact that he could charged a $160,000 car to his credit card.  I’ve gone over my limit just filling my gas tank. 

This will be King’s eighth divorce.  That’s a lot of math.  While certainly slimy, at least no Nazis or tattoos are said to be involved. 

For King’s own good, it’s clearly time to revoke his Viagra prescription. 


You can't say these folks don't know how to have a good time...

Another Tea Party anti-tax rally was held in Washington, DC, on Wednesday where the outraged and outrageous gathered apparently to protest that their taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 60 years.   Go figure…

Wandering the crowd was a man dressed in tar and feathers wearing an Obama “Joker” mask and, as if that wasn’t entertaining enough, former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson played the ukulele and sang “There’s a communist living in the White House.” 

Wonder what she would have said about that well-known communist, President Eisenhower who presided over a top income tax rate of 91%.


Making your point known…

You’ve gotta love the French who have unveiled their latest weapon in the battle against STDs: a 120-foot helium-filled rubber. The flying machine is known as "Condomfiere" and a group known as CondomFly are hoping it will be the "Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex."


Finally, because seeing is believing, we have porn for the blind…

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