Wednesday, April 28, 2010

injaynesworld we’re often called “A Wise Ass…”

… but rarely have we ever been accused of imparting any actual wisdom.  

So imagine my surprise when the “Words of Wisdom” website chose me to honor with today’s “Blogger of Note” designation.  

Having lived through a number of decades and survived world changes that were the stuff of science fiction when I was a child, I guess one can’t help but gather a bit of wisdom along the way, and maybe I do have a tendency to track it wherever I go like someone forgetting to wipe their feet on a door mat. 

I’ve been told some people new to “injaynesworld” may be stopping by to check the place out and that I should suggest a few posts for them to peruse, but first let me direct your attention to the subtitle of this blog above, “… where nothing is sacred.”  Consider yourself warned.  Now peruse away.  All I ask is that you put the toilet seat down and replace my booze when you leave.

wherein the vagina pleads for a little privacy.

... wherein I give some advice to my 20-year-old self.

…wherein I join in welcoming Sarah Palin to Faux News

…wherein I declare my girl crush on Nora Ephron.

Thanks so much for stopping by…
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