Sunday, May 16, 2010

injaynesworld it's another "Sunday Recap..."

Going, going, gone…

An Australian documentary maker has convinced several young people to appear in a reality television program in which they auction their virginity to the highest bidder with each participant guaranteed $20,000

After my initial outrage, it got me thinking, “Maybe they’re onto something.”

I don’t know about you, but all I got for my first time was a hickey and a bad reputation. 


News to make you smile…
Give a big round of applause to Hazel Soares who, at 94 years young, picked up her college diploma on Saturday earning a degree in art history.  She now hopes to find work as a docent at a San Francisco Bay Area museum.  

Next time I’m tempted to whine about something that’s “too hard” I’m going to think of Hazel and bitch-slap myself. 


Breaking story!  Carrie Underwood and Holly Madison are gay!

And here’s the proof.   They’re playing softball!  Apparently, that’s the new litmus test for lesbians.    Who knew?   

Female athletes have always had to fight attacks on their sexuality, but it reached a whole new level of absurdity this week when the Wall Street Journal published this photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, taken in 1993.

Predictably the pundits promptly went bat-shit crazy:

You know the world has gone spinning irretrievably off its axis when Bill O’Reilly is the voice of reason.


This courtesy of  “the Internet’s chronicle of media decay…” (and a website I highly recommend)

A week ago President Obama gave the commencement speech at Hampton College in Virginia.   As befitting such a proud occasion,  the president ended his speech with a sense of hope and promise in the future:

"A dream of brighter days ahead, a faith in things not seen, a belief that here, in this country, we are the authors of our own destiny.  That is what Hampton is all about.  And it now falls to you, the Class of 2010, to write the next great chapter in America's story; to meet the tests of your own time; to take up the ongoing work of fulfilling our founding promise.  I'm looking forward to watching."

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck had a commencement speech of his own to make this week at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.   Here are just a few excerpts of what those lucky kids got to hear:

“Life is hard. And then it gets harder. And then you die.”  (Thank you, little Miss Sunshine.)

“There are no coincidences in life. Look for them.”  (WTF?)

“Sleep hard, but sleep less.” (Kinda hung up on hardness issues, aren’t you, Glenn?)

“Only date those who love you as much as I do.”  (I did.  That’s why I no longer date.)

(Weeping)  “Only date those who will treat you as I have tried.”  (They're all safely locked away.)

“Anyone who wants to take your choice away is evil.”   (Presumably, this doesn’t apply to women.)

And finally…

“Shoot to kill.”   (Isn’t that Palin’s line?)

Shoot to kill… Wow.   That’s what we’re telling college graduates these days?  

On the other hand, who the hell sends their kid to a university run by Jerry Falwell?   


Finally… Let’s play “Name That Kid.”

I’ll give you a hint:  He grew up to be best known for his cozy relationship with a bird and being charged with murdering his wife. 

If you like it, put a ring on it…or you can just leave a comment. 

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