Sunday, May 30, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

On Friday, BP's top official upgraded the impact of the Gulf oil spill from "very modest" to "environmental catastrophe."    Really?   It took you geniuses over a month to come up with that one?   

Then on Saturday, BP announced that "top kill", their mud-for-oil effort, failed to stop the flow of oil from the well and it is "time to move on" to another approach.    What?   Wishing upon a star?   Shouldn’t a plan for such a possible disaster have been in place before this well was dug?   

Another shining example of “free market” thinking run amok because God forbid we should stifle multi-national corporate profits with government regulation.   And once again, thank you Dick Cheney.


Happy Anniversary to the bra…

This week we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tittie tote.   Once considered to be an underwear-only garment, it has today taken the main stage.  

One of the funnest TV moments ever is this quickie from “Will & Grace” when boob-challenged Grace wears a water bra.  You just know that's not going to end well.


What’s more unbelievable than Octomom as the spokesperson for PETA’s Spay & Neuter program?   

How about Bristol Palin as the spokesperson for teen abstinence while netting herself a cool $30,000 per speaking engagement and posing for a strangely Stepford fashion layout in Bizaare Magazine.   

Because what tells kids to “just say no” to sex like a teen mother with a book deal.   


Rush Limbaugh finds a fourth woman to marry him…
Twenty-six years his junior, Kathryn Rogers, 33,  is described in the new Limbaugh biography as “a soft-spoken listener who, on the radio, shouts rude, sometimes vulgar personal insults at Limbaugh’s ideological enemies.”   Sounds like a match made in heaven. 


Mediocrity won out for the third year in a row on this week’s season finale of "American Idol" when the uniquely gifted Crystal Bowersox got beaten out by Lee DeWyze, a sweet kid and so-so singer with all the star power of a prune Danish.  

Much like last year, when the flamboyant Adam Lambert scared the crap out of the viewing audience, clearly folks just weren’t ready for a single mother with corn rolls, piercings, and a tattoo no matter how gifted she was.

And they wonder why their ratings have tanked…


This week, right-wing comic Dennis Miller surprised the hell out of me by expressing support for the repeal of the military’s draconian “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, aptly named by President Clinton who “did not have sex with that woman.”

Miller said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “If a gay or lesbian wants to serve in the military and put their lives on the line to protect my freedom, I’m grateful.”

So on this Memorial Day, as we finally take the first steps toward repealing DADT, let’s also remember and honor those gay men and women who serve courageously, and then let’s finally extend to them all the same freedoms that the rest of enjoy.

Marriage equality now!


And finally…

Because there isn’t a steaming pile of shit big enough or bad enough to describe how we feel about BP, a vocal group dubbing themselves the ‘Raging Grannies” gives it their all.  Hit it, Granny!

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