Wednesday, August 11, 2010

injaynesworld "The Internet Keeps Its Promise..."

As we all know, the Internet is awash in false promises.   Nowhere is this probably more prevalent than dating sites, where 10-year-old photos, 10-year-age “enhancements” and  “What?  I didn’t mention I was married?” abound.   And then, of course, you have your garden variety serial killer.   Potential for disappointment looms large when meeting someone in person who you’ve only known in a virtual reality, so this past weekend when fellow blogger, Linda Medrano, her charming husband, Alex, and their two dogs, Harry and Honey came for a visit it was a lovely surprise.

Not that I was all that worried.  I’ve “known” Linda for nearly a year, our paths first crossing on the Divine Caroline website and then continuing to stay in touch as we both dipped our toes into the blogosphere, and then just dove the hell in.   Since we live only five hours from each other and neither of us could make it to New York for Blogher, we decided to have our own conference.  Linda and Alex are such warm, unpretentious, friendly people and we connected instantly.  They must have known that the way to my heart is through a good bottle of Sangiovese, which we polished off before taking an evening stroll around the lavender field and heading out to the local bistro for dinner.

Linda, a statuesque, platinum-haired hottie and Alex, a Navajo Indian, whose handsome face radiates the most kind and gentle spirit, make a striking couple and when you’re with them the fun truly never ends.   Although, you have to watch out for that Linda.   I kept catching her sneaking up behind me, trying to snap a picture of my (size 4) ass.  

Saturday was spent touring my little valley, visiting my horses Levi and Bubba, wandering through the quaint town of Santa Ynez, and picnicking by a pond at a local vineyard.   Then, all too quickly, our time together had run out.

When Linda and Alex arrived, I welcomed them as visitors.   When they left, I embraced them as friends.  If only my online dating experiences had turned out this well.

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