Sunday, August 22, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

So many issues, so little time, and so many talented people expressing them better than I ever could.

We Americans are so easily distracted from the real problems facing us, something the powers that have created those problems know and take full advantage of.  This week the corporate media has whipped us into a frenzy about whether an Islamic community center, which happens to include a small mosque, should be built in a graffiti-strewn neighborhood filled with nudie bars and hookers a couple blocks away from Ground Zero.  

We often forget that the rest of the world, which includes over one billion Muslims, is watching us.  Or maybe, in our arrogance, we just don't care.   Frankly, I'm humiliated that this small and very ugly side of America could be what anyone in the rest of the world believes represents us all. 

And when our President tries to remind us -- and the world -- of what America stands for, he's attacked.

Somewhere Bin Laden is laughing.

Comments tell me I'm not alone...
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