Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Steven Slater - America’s new hero…

And that statement in and of itself is a sad commentary on our desperation for heroes these days.

By now you all know him as the airline employee with anger management issues who cursed out a plane of passengers, grabbed a couple of beers, slid down the emergency shoot and joined the growing ranks of the unemployed – any number of which would kill to have his job, or any job for that matter. 

I will give him this.   At least he grabbed a beer instead of an automatic weapon, but is that really enough to award him “hero” status?   Say hello to your newest reality star, America.   I fully expect to be seeing him strutting his stuff next season on “Dancing With the Stars, ” following a camp-out with Sarah and Kate, of course.

Frankly, I like my heroes just a little bit less creepy looking. 


A true American hero…

Annie Oakley was born 150 years ago Friday.  She could split a card in two edge-wise with a single shot from 30 paces, shoot cigarettes out of her husband’s mouth and dimes out of the air.  And she didn’t need an AK-47 either.  

Back then she toured with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, earning a modest income as an entertainer.  Today she’d have endorsement contracts from Nike and Gatorade.  

Annie traveled around the world, becoming America’s first female superstar and, one might argue, one of its first feminists, as well.   She became a spokeswoman for allowing women to serve in the armed forces, including in combat positions and believed young women should go to college, even putting her own money where her mouth was to send them there.  

I’d like to think we’d have been friends.  


And since the theme this week seems to be heroes…

I think we can all agree that there may be no greater heroes than the 9/11 responders who ran into those burning buildings and then sifted through the toxic rubble for weeks in search of survivors and fallen comrades.  No Gatorade endorsements for them.   Just lingering, chronic health problems born from their bravery.  

This week Republicans nixed a bill that would pay for their medical care.   And why?   Because it was going to be paid for by closing a tax loophole that had allowed foreign multi-national corporations in tax-haven countries to avoid paying taxes on income earned in the U.S.   In other words,  closing down those Cayman Island P.O. Boxes.

The Republicans chose to protect their corporate cronies and give the big “fuck you” to the 9/11 heroes.   Why am I not surprised?  And for that reason they deserve this week’s “Steaming Pile of Shit” award. 


While we’re on the subject of feces (because I’m nothing if not the master of the segue)…

Road rage took a particularly nasty turn this week when a  Pennsylvania woman smeared a dirty diaper on the rear window of another woman's car after getting into a dispute while they were both stuck in traffic.  A word to the wise:  Be careful who you give crap to.   They might give it back. 

No word on if the baby was still wearing the diaper at the time.


And because I seem to be on a roll here…

First “anchor babies” and now “terror babies.”   For all their professing to be the party of “family values,” the right-wingers sure seem to be piling a lot of hate on babies these days.   Their latest Faux News-induced delusion goes something like this:

Al Qaeda plans to send pregnant women to the U.S. to have their babies, thereby becoming U.S. citizens by birth or “anchor babies,” then take them back home, raise them as terrorists and send them back to the U.S. as adults where they will explode like cheap condoms, wreaking havoc on all we hold dear, presumably Olive Garden restaurants and Osmond family concerts.

One has to wonder what the hell is in their Kool-Aid.


And finally, some real terrorists...

From “Funny Or Die,” a BP Oil executive sends condolences to the oil spill victims.

Comments are the lime in my tequila…

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